Taurus replacement- G series headphone amp


Hi, I tried looking for this and found nothing, so sorry if this was already answered or covered. Is the taurus mkii planned to be replaced in the near future. I am about to order a Vega G2 and wondering of there will be a matching headphone amp in works…
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Something is coming but nothing is confirmed yet. We are indeed working for a new headphone amplifier with matching looking of G series now.


Thank you very much for your answer.


Very interesting! I have been using the original AURALiC Taurus headphone amplifier every day for many years. My latest preferred pairing is with the Focal Clear headphones, which provide stunning sound quality. With enthusiasm I await a chance to hear the updated amplifier!

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Rand Gray
Hillsboro, Oregon


Dear Mr. Xuanqian,

A few weeks ago I ordered the Altair and I decided to order the Taurus MK2 to. I have placed the order today, just a few hours ago, but unfortunately, my dealer told me that the Taurus MK2 is not available anymore. They also told me, that Auralic will replace the Taurus MK2 next month in February. Now I wonder if the release will be really in February or not? The CNY is coming soon and somehow I cannot believe it. And I also wonder if it will be a release or just an announcement.

I wonder if I should wait or not :slight_smile:

Best regards and thank you very much!


Hi Matthias:

It will come out but not in February, we are preparing new product for Munich show now but the amplifier is the plan for 2nd half of 2019.