Taurus Mk ii Noise buzz humm [Help]

Hi all,

I bought an Auralic Taurus mkii that was used for a two months in a shop but that looked pristine and in working condition.

The problem is that, with or without any other equipment connected through RCA there is an important amount of noise that increases with volume.

The noise starts from 9am pot position and it’s a mixture of high frequency and hum.

[The key factor]
If I touch the outer part of the RCA connectors and the chassis with my hands it becomes dead silent in the whole range.

I have tried in different houses, outlets and with all kinds of cables. No change

The only solution is to touch the input rca outer part and the chassis with my hand.la.

Any help please?

Thanks in advance

What might have happened as a result of repeated insertion of cables is that a solder connection fatigued and broke. Probably a ground connection. Try resoldering the PCB ground connections on the output connectors once the output covers have been removed. Inspect all PCB mounted connectors for small cracks in the solder joints or solder connections that appear to be “cold.” A small magnifier might be useful. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much for answering. Hummm, I don’t think it’s a soldering issue because the rcas are connected to the outlet ground (Tested) but the chassis is not grounded. The moment you ground the chassis everything works. Just lightly touching both with your hand is enough… no need to move any specific part.

Can’t find where the chassis was supposed to be grounded…

Did the merchant grant a warranty?

No, they didn’t. And now I have my Christmas gift 9000km away. The problem is that I would need to fix it myself. But the question is how to find that non-working ground connection that apparently fixes everything just touching with your hands.

I think you can ask to Auralic directly to try to have a return with a kind of warranty period. If the shop is an authorized dealer from Auralic, it can work.

I do not know in which country you leave, but in some country, you have the original warranty even for demo shop products.

This a common ground loop issue we have seen on TAURUS MKII, the way to resolve the problem is to connect the RCA input shield to RCA output shield.


Thank you so much. It works!

Is that a no compromise solution from the technical perspective? Will it degrade the sound?

No, it wont compromise the sound, it is just a ground loop trick.

Thanks a lot!