System Pictures

Thought I would start a system pics discussion, not sure if it’s been done before but I’m sure forum members would be interested in what others our using.

I’ll start it off with my humble setup, the Naim’s have been resident for about 9 years now, the Linn going on 38 (purchased back in ‘81 for £350) and the Altair G1 definitely new kid on the block. Off screen are a pair of Spendor A6’s.

@Xuanqian, I’m sure we would all appreciate seeing what takes pride of place in your listening room also, if you don’t mind sharing.


Heres my set up with the Vega G2 doing a fantastic job as a dac/streamer/pre.


Very nice, neat and uncluttered, trust the cane is not for fine tuning though :grinning:

:laughing: a family heirloom but it comes in handy trying to fend my son off when he is either pulling the power cables out of the speakers or playing with the subwoofer level dial!

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Lovely Si! And a trusty Sondek too! Quite early i belive? And an external Hercules?

The decks just after they phased out the lid prop (has spring hinges) but prior to the Nirvana kit, so although purchased in 1981 was probably manufactured sometime during in 1980.

The small box underneath is Naim’s phono stage for the Ortofon 2M Black, it’s had a new set of springs/rubber bushes, a couple of belts, a mat and oil change over it’s life. The power supply is still original, a small circuit board with a few of capacitors, was once told they are fairly reliable, well at 38 years that’s an understatement.

It’s always been part of whatever system I’ve had over the years and has never failed to impress, arms and cartridges come and go but the old girl keeps on doing her stuff.


All original first generation Auralic separates.


Very smart indeed, what speakers are you currently using and out of interest, how hot do the boxes actually get to require fans (or is that a precautionary measure following the wifi card replacement).

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The slow moving fans are just precautionary and to keep air flow moving in my closet. Nothing gets hot but they do get warm in areas and all that combined warmth makes the room very warm. The air flow solves this.

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Auralic/PS Audio/Focal/SVS


Hi Scott,

Lost for words, can’t even imagine how fantastic that system must sound, and couldn’t even guess at how much it cost to put together, beautiful system.

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Is that a power regenerator at the bottom? kind regards, John

Yes sir. Power Plant 15.

That’s a beautiful setup! That’s an absolutely stunning backdrop for your stereo system as well! Great choice in the colour of your speakers! When I get my system finally set up, I’ll take a picture as well…my tiny condo living room pales in comparison…

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No acoustic treatment in your room ?

No treatments yet. Just moved about 4 months ago…still stuff to be done.


  • QNAP NAS for music files.

  • SonicTransporter i7 for Roon/Plex cores.

  • Fiber Optic networking from router to streamer


  • Dennis Had Inspire LP-2 preamp and KT-150 single ended pentode amp ~8 wpc

  • Custom Omega Super Alnico HO monitors with matching cabinets for 8" Rythmik powered mid-bass.

  • Pair Rythmik F-12 subs

  • Circa 2004 Panasonic Plasma :upside_down_face: (Anouska Shankar on the display playing from Roon).

  • Using VEGA’s Home Theater/Analog pass through with Marantz AVR

  • Roku for Plex, etc.

  • I have a new Amazon Echo Link that will take the place of the BluMe bluetooth receiver when I get around to installing.

After years of buying and selling, tweaking, upgrading… I’m finally stable and happy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Analog front end:

  • Benz Micro LP-S
  • AMG Viella V12 (12J2 Tonearm) on HRS base
  • Röcklinger PHA1 or Tom Evans The Groove+ SRX MkII

Digital front:

  • Audio Research CD-3 Mk II as transport and normal output
  • Auralic Aries G1 over USB into
  • Nagra HD DAC plus MPS Battery Power Supply
  • MacMini mid 2010 with Roon Bridge and ASIO drivers into
  • DAC3 module in the Moon.


  • Simaudio Moon 430HAD headphone amp/pre
  • Karan KA S 270 power amp


  • Wilson Audio Sophia

Cables, Power management and tweaks:

  • Jorma No1 & No2 for analog signals and speakers.
  • Nordost for power mostly.
  • Nordost QB8 with DC-trap
  • Entreq Olympus Ten and Silver Minimus with Atlantis cables for grounding the digital and analog parts separately.

Media server:

  • Roon Core and Minim Server on a QNAP NAS TS-470 Pro on the far end of a WLAN bridge for galvanic isolation.
  • A NUC ROCK NUC8i3BEH with 4Tb SSD for experimentation.

Another beautiful system, somewhat different to Scott’s but equally stunning.

Nice to see another vinyl front end in the form of the Benz, was almost believing I might be the only one continuing with this analogue option!

But must admit to having a soft spot for Nagra, their design is just so functional, with sound quality a given.

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Some great systems :slight_smile:

Interesting to see how much pairing there is with PS Audio gear…