Synology NAS 资料库

我有一台Auralic Vegas G2, 但暂时没有Aries G2。最近又添购了一台 Synology NAS。
在没有Aries的情况下,怎样才能把NAS接上 Vegas G2,并使其操作?

VEGA G2内部不带Lightning媒体服务器,所以安装Synology NAS之后需要在NAS上安装minimserver或者Synology自己的DLNA server。之后在Lightning DS里面选这个第三方的音乐服务器就可以播放了。


通过Vega G2和NAS的方法播音乐,与Vega G2通过电脑的foobar2000 播音乐,音质效果哪个优越?

This method is only playing pcm and not native dsd.
I’m using this method myself,yes there will be no clipping noise cos u r using auralics player not foobar.

:open_mouth: it is disappointing.

As mentioned before.
The only way to play native dsd is use their streamer with their own software.
Thats what I find is annoying ,deceptive and misleading

The positive thing is u can stream dsd files through synolgy.
But Make sure is + models if u decided to buy one.
Mine is ds218+

Yes my NAS is a + version.
Do you think that by playing music files via NAS method is much more better sound quality than via computer’s foobar2000?

To be honest my first impression via usb native dsd does sound better.but for convenience and management compromise is a must.
How about you do u think it sounds better via foobar?

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