Switch between iDevices to operate Aries Mini

I would like to ask is it correct and normal to use two or more iDevices to operate and control playing content on the Aries Mini, basically using whichever is at hand at that particular time, or should I be sticking to using just one.

The reason I ask is that following a period of “sleeping” the Aries (usually overnight) I can’t seem to get any other iDevice to connect other than then one last used prior to sleep.

Once I start playing content using the last used iDevice all the others then seem to find the Aries and I can switch between them as required.

If I don’t use the last iDevice prior to sleep to get things going again the only way the other iDevices will talk to the Aries is to pull the plug and reboot.

So am I confusing the streaming system by continually switching control devices and therefore basically causing this issue or could this be done to a bug either in the Aries firmware or the LDS software.

The sleep device will show up in a separate list, once you sleep it, you wont see it at your normal interface. There is no need to switch iDevices, you can control one single device using multiple of iOS device at the same time, as long as the device is not in sleep mode.

I think my issue is that when trying to wake the Aries Mini by either the software option in LDS or using the centre button it sometimes appears reluctant to appear in the LDS app ie. no streamer name top centre.

Clicking around the app screen sometimes gets things going again and I’ve just discovered closing then opening the app can result in same.

I’m on a steep learning curve at the moment so it may be something I’m doing, but thanks for confirming I can use multiple iDevices to control the Aries Mini without them interfering with each other.

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