Support for LastFM scrobbeling



I am using for getting a history of what I am listening to. It is just very interesting to see. For my mobile I am using the functions implemented in the Tidal app and in my Android player. Also in SONOS (for other rooms except for living room) a scrobble function is included.

For the living room in the past I used scrobbleDS on my QNAP server to read current plays from my Linn Majik streamer and send it to the server. But that seems not to work with the Aries. Any other ideas? Any implementation planned for the Aries?



We did request development account through their website back to year 2014 and year 2015. The development account is something that we can access to their server API to do development. However after several attempt they never response to our request.


Would you try again? :smiley: Any experience with scrobbleds and Aries?


Yes, we can try, hope they can reply :smiley:


when can i get support for for my Aries mini. I really miss this !!!
is already taking action or is not going to happen for whatever reason.