Suggestions on amp for Dynaudio Emit M20

Hi gyus,

I am looking for a better amplifier for my Dynaudio Emit M20 speakers. Is there anyone having these speakers? Please share what amplifier do you currently use. I have basic Arcam and I am looking for something more powerful.

You should maybe indicate a budget range…

I’m driving my Audience 122 with a Bel Canto C5i.

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Hi, I do not have set a budget yet. I am just making list of amps worth listening. But as Emit M20 are rather budget speakers, I look for something matching…
I have already checked Atoll IN100, Naim Nait 5si and Musical Fidelity M2si and the last one suits me.

You might also want to consider Amp’s from these manufacturers as well.

I’ve always thought highly of Rega and the current range is very good, if it wasn’t for Naim they would be my first choice.

Emit 20 may be “budget” speaker, their specs (86dB 4 Ohms) requires an amp with solid alim !
I have tried Rega Brio 1st version on my Audience 122 and it was “short”
And with Dynaudio the better (bigger, bolder,…) amp the better the speakers performs…
I’ve read numerous experience by owners who tested amp 3-4 times the price of their Dynaudio (whatever the range is) and were amazed by results.