Strange display of LDS on iPad Pro


I’ve sometimes some strange stuff with LDS on iPad Pro 11 (iOS 13.3.1), have a look, some lines are black (like a mix of bright and dark theme)

Hi Deuch,

Haven’t seen that on my iPad Pro 11 inch yet, but admit it’s early days since only just updated to 13.3.1

The only suggestion is to set Dark Mode back to default (off) and then do a Force Restart.

I’ve found some updates, especially OTA can mess with certain settings and you basically have to toggle them off and restart the device to undo the glitch.

I usually do a Force Restart instead of just an ordinary restart because it seem to work better, not sure if it’s due to the fact it’s similar to using Safe Mode on Mac’s which incorporates some general housekeeping in the process.

I’m still battling to stop iOS Mail from downloading messages when devices are connected to power, selecting manual for the account and keeping push and fetch off makes no difference.

Can only conclude Apple don’t like POP accounts!

I’ve already saw this bug before the 13.3.1. Maybe related to dark mode of ios ?
I’m not using it, never.

I will try it to check if those line do not come white in Dark mode

+1 on this… have also seen the same behaviour on a somewhat intermittent basis.
Am also not using dark mode either, therefore don’t think it is related to the local config/mode of the iPad.


This happens after your iPad has changed between normal and dark mode. After iPad’s setting has changed, you need to kill Lightning DS from background and have a fresh start.

I do not use the Dark mode either and have restarted iPad and LDS many times.

Then it must be a bug, I am moving this to the bug tracker and will try to fix it with our next release. Thanks for reporting!