Standby Mode - Heat, Power consumption, freezes, scrambled display


I have a concern about my Aries Femto’s standby mode on current Beta firmware. When activating standby its power consumption rises from about 9W to more then 10W and the device is getting really warm. When power consumption doesn’t get down I would at least expect the Lightning server to be available or the device being active as an Airplay device. But both are deactivated.

Also when turning the device on ( and power consumption goes down to 9W again and temperature also going down) sometimes it hangs in startup, sometimes the display gets scrambled with some stripes or parts of startup screen left on the display, sometimes it forgets the last used playlist and never it remembers the last track played (I remember this was a feature before) or last playback position. Also the startup and building up the last playlist takes quite long.

One more thing - don’t know if it is an issue in FW or iPad SW - it takes a while until the current playlist is available in the app when switching between apps on the iPad.

So what is the point of the standby mode when important features are missing - I would expect fast start-up or availability of features or lower power consumption. Could this be a HW problem?


Return to the previous version of FW. If the symptoms disappear then you will get an answer. You’re right. My Auralic Femto warms up like never before.