Standalone power supply for Leo GX?


I just received my Leo GX and it is truly fantastic.

In the user’s guide under AC mains it states, “…we suggest using a standalone power supply for Leo GX to isolate it from other digital source components that use switching power supplies.”

What is an example of a standalone power supply? Is that a product? A dedicated A/C line? Something else?

Thank you

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Generally it’s a linear power supply. Before adding one you will have to check the voltage and the ampérage you need. For example I have one from Teddy Pardo connected to my DAC.

Thank you. Your information is much appreciated.

The LEO has an internal power supply. Buying an external linear power supply will provide a DC cable to the unit. There is no DC input unless you do modification.

My guess is the suggestion is to isolate the power going to the LEO from other, noisy power supplies, ie, on a different circuit or from a power conditioner that does that isolation.

Thanks for the info. Do you incorporate a power conditioner into your system?

I do. I have a Panamax M5400-PM. Older, but does the job of isolation and noise reduction.

Thanks. I’ll look into those. I’d like to follow what Auralic recommends doing.

I’m a big fan of power regeneration rather than power conditioning. I have all of my components plugged into a PS Audio P20. There is a stark contrast in sonic performance plugging into the wall vs. the P20. For all intent and purposes the P20 has unlimited headroom and does not choke power amps etc. so all components enjoy low distortion, low impedance power. Distortion into my P20 ranges from 4% to 7% depending on time of day and is always .1% out.


Hi. Thanks for your input. I’ve been looking into regenerators and PS Audio is releasing a product called the Stellar Power Plant 3. I have a small system and it looks like the right fit. Thanks again.

I have the Vega G2, Leo GX, an Oppo DVD and a Melco N1 all powered off the PS SP3, plus a strip doing some other bits and bobs.

I have not had enough time to give it some detailed musing but just say’n. No real demand to strain it as I don’t do external amps.

Thanks for the info. I now have my components(G2 stack and mono blocks) connected to a PS Audio Power Plant. It sounds incredible, although on a day when I have nothing to do I am going to experiment with where to plug in the the pieces, because the Power Plant does change my sound quite a bit.

How does it change the sound? I’m curious. When I owned one of PS Audio’s original power regenerators (years and years ago!), I found that the sound became more clinical…and lacked any warmth. More importantly, the fan on the power regenerator was unbearable…I’m sure PS Audio has improved their power plants, so I’m curious how it now sounds. I have since moved to the Audience AR12TS power conditioner instead…

Hi Calgarian

With the Power Plant my ears hear the same thing-a loss of warmth and punch and a more clinical sound. However, it brings a crystal clear sound that I enjoy quite a bit, and i enjoy hearing tracks sounding differently than I’ve ever heard them. Undeniably though, the first word I would use to describe the addition of the PP is “clinical.” I still need to play with things though-right now my whole system is plugged into it and I know I’ve read about just plugging the amps into the wall sockets.
One more thing, the technology has changed on the internal cooling/fans, because my PP is completely silent.

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