Standalone Headphone Amp

Unfortunately the power connector on the back appears to be unique to HeadAmp, being a Din variant that doesn’t seem to be an option with Sbooster (from what I can see).

It does look similar to the power supply connector for certain Naim products but without knowing the voltage and which pins are employed I rather leave it until HeadAmp themselves release a unit.

The question is when will that be because all resources are currently deployed on meeting the demand for the GS-X Mini Amp.

Thanks for the thought though.

They probably have the right adapter for it.
The distributor for the US is Upscale Audio (Kevin Deal).
A phone call to them won’t hurt.

The brand is Dutch (where I live) and I know they make every connection you want here.
There’s a lot of DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm) here :wink:

That’s a good point, although a search on the US website gave no hits for HeadAmp it may be worth a call to the importer.

I’m in the UK and the official distributor is Signature Audio Systems in Kent, so I’ll give them a ring next week and see what they say.

TeddyPardo are another manufacture of power supplies for audio equipment that may be able to help so will check them out also.