Stacking G2 components


I am currently running Aries G2 with Vega G2, about to receive Leo GX soon. Given my limited storage space, I will likely need to stack the three components. Any suggestions on the stacking order? Which one should be at the bottom? Thanks!


Search is your friend: :slight_smile:


Thanks! I am unable to create separate space for the Leo GX, can I stack three components together? Is it going to create some kinda hazard given that the casing is designed to support only two components?


Thanks for the reply, yes, I did read Xuanqian’s reply…but my space does not allow me to set the Leo aside…and does not have room to put in a shelf8ng unit like yours.

Really trying to find out if it’s safe to stack them, if not, then I won’t add the Leo. If it’s safe to stack them, albeit with negative, performance impact, should the Leo go on top, middle or bottom.


Ah, I see. You can find or make something simple to stack them keeping weight off all the pieces. There doesn’t need to be much space between, so it wouldn’t add much height. Would add width enough for whatever you use for the side supports. You could even do it with supports just in front/back of each corner to prevent added width (in exchange for a bit of added depth).

Don’t know what you have near you, but a place like Home Depot would have threaded steel rods. Two pieces of wood for shelves with holes in the corners. Rods through the holes and nuts securing the shelves in place. Simple, inexpensive, fully adjustable. :nerd_face:


I’d be more concerned about heat than weight. If you’re short on space, a home-crafted shelving unit with air cooling might work. Take a look at AC Infinity cooling products.


Thanks guys! Will look into your suggestions, much appreciated your assistance.


Here was my solution until I reconfigured my rack. As you can see there is clearance over the top of my Aries G2. My intension was to dowel the inverted shelves together for stability (I may still for future configurations) with spacing that centers the footers on the shelves. This allows for plenty of airflow around each component while minimally increasing the height of the stack. The weight of each individual component is isolated unto itself. I adhered a protective rubber strip on the bottom of the legs which also served to keep the shelves from easily sliding around.


Just checked temps on my pieces. The VEGA G2 is a little warm, far from very warm. The LEO is hardly warm at all. As long as there is some ventilation (like front/back and/or sides), heat shouldn’t be a concern I don’t think. Don’t know about the ARIES, but that might be on the top anyway.


Just checked mine. The Aries G2 runs the coolest, next is the Leo, and the Vega G2 the warmest. I concur, none of the pieces run hot.