Spotify track timeline freezes at track end time but tracks play?


Hi all / @Xuanqian / Auralic I’ve updated my firmware to v6.0 which seems to have resolved the changing songs issue but there’s a smaller new issue which has crept in. When detecting a track the track timeline always shows the current play time at the end of the track you can select another point in the track and it works fine but you’ve no idea where in the timeline the current playing track is up to.


I can confirm this issue, not sure when it come in but will need librespot open source library’s update to fix this problem.


Thanks @Xuanqian for looking into this I look forward to a resolution. Do I as a Spotify customer need to put pressure on Spotify support to make sure your address to their library is made proactively not reactively? They should be sharing their updates with manufacturers ahead of each update to avoid these and other issues. Your advice would be welcome.


I think Spotify wont care because librespot is an open sourced 3rd party software, it will need update from them rather than Spotify . We will look at this problem as well.


Thanks for your response. If there is anything i can do let me know.




Thanks for offering the help. We will look at this problem first and see what we can do, I hope we can fix it from our side.