Spotify Connect is finally here!


What a great Christmas gift! Finally got Spotify connect on my Aries Mini. Sound quality is very good at Premium subscription. Thank You!


I think it’s absolutely brilliant as a feature, as not all subscribe to tidal. The sound quality, I have a standard subscription (non hifi) and Aries femto, I can’t fault it.
Team Auralic, love your work.


What about us, using Aries Femto and ordinary firmware (no Beta).
Will we ever/never get a new firmware??


Is it possible to use an embedded app in lightning os like tidal instead of using the spotify application or a web browser ? I would like to use spotify like i use tidal or qobuz in lightning DS


Just upgraded to beta 5.3, been using beta program for afew month now with no issues. I have the Aries femto. As far as I’m concerned 5.3 is the new firmware, the same way you consider 4.1, my thoughts on this. One very happy Auralic customer here.
Great product and excellent suppport from Xuanqian and his team


We actually started to test this function in June 2017, half year ago. The function is by an open source library called librespot. It was very unstable by the time when we tested it, but I saw more and more manufacturer are support Spotify Connect using this library now, so we decided to give it a try in late November and it was pretty stable, then here we are.


No, Spotify hate that and does not allow anyone to do integration, they want everyone to use their App.


Ok so totally useless in my use case. Do not want to use multoffer and maybe iple apps to listen music … And with this system your are losing playlist with multiple sources. I love this features to be able to create playlist from local files and tidal.

And for now, crappy OGG vorbis with spotify … Will wait for the HI-FI offer and maybe an integration in your application one day.


It maybe possible when we integrate Deezer but never thing about it for Spotify. They will never let you do that…


Let’s have hope with deezer !


Noticing a bit of a problem yesterday with Spotify Connect on my Aries Femto. I’m using an iPad for Spotify and notice the connection sometimes drops after four or five tracks and I have to reinitiate the Spotify Connect to the Aries. Anyone else having an issue? Still happening this morning. Played three tracks on a playlist then stopped and disconnected. Airplay working flawlessly.


I encountered once after playing for a while it suddenly stopped. When I looked at the Spotify app under ‘Device’ it showed ‘Aries Mini’ is disconnected. I attempted to connect again but it didn’t. Re-start Spotify app again then only it connected again.


I don’t think the librespot implementation of Spotify Connect is stable. I have a feeling Sonore chose that route too, and the same thing happens with my Microrendu. You can play a few tracks of a playlist then it disconnects. Happens on both iOS and android devices. Best stick with Airplay for stability.


Stick with AirPlay means all processing is done by iPhone/iPad iOS and you have to keep them running while it is Airplay to Aries.

Having Spotify Connect means the device, which is Aries does all the processing directly this results in better sound quality while Spotify app controls the flows of music. You can even close the app the music is still playing!


Agreed, but if my Aries cannot maintain the Spotify Connect link for more than two or three songs in a playlist, what’s the point?


I didn’t try playing through Spotify playlist, I normally play in shuffle mode. May be I’ll give a try…


I play Spotify Connect all over 24 hours without interrupt. If your network connection is weak, then it is common that the playback will stop. Spotify Connect does not like our Lightning streaming, it do not have any pre-buffering technology to prevent interrupt.


Qobuz also have the same ‘connect’ feature and would mean I could use the Qobuz app to effectively operate the Mini rather then the Lightning app which doesn’t it have all of Qobuz’s features - would love that! :blush:


What is needed to have the Polaris show up in Spotify ui (of my iOS device)?
I checked the Polaris firmware version which is 5.3
My other decices are visible, except the Polaris…
What am I missing here … ?


Have you switched on the Spotify Connect input in the web interface?

Streamer Setup/Available Input Methods