Special thoughts for all Auralic people in China

Hope you are all safe and will stay preserved from that bad virus spreading through the country.
Best thoughts and regards to you all.
Courage à tous et restez en bonne santé.


Seconded, the death toll is now nearly 430, it must be a very frightening situation for all those caught up in the middle of all this, likewise for remote family relatives.

If it isn’t happening already, country politics need to be put to one side and help given to all in China, this is a world problem and as such we should all pull together.


Thank you guys. Our office and factory in China has shut down for the coronavirus epidemic before Chines lunar new year holiday. Luckily, no employee from AURALIC has been infected by far, they have been placed on paid off or requested to work at home remotely. We will let you updated for the latest progress there.


Despite some formal problem between countries and economy systems, people in detail are often close. That is the positive engine that make us understand that our world doesn’t have borders…we Italians have a long tradition of open mind attitude with different cultures and colours. So let’s fight the battles together sharing our best!


Dear Xuanqian,

My heart with each person in China during such difficult time. I hope this problem is going to be over soon.


Active prayers and thoughts for your country. Fighting with conscious meditation to end this flue epidemic and speedy recovery for those infected.