Sound quality of Lightning DS and Roon

Dear all,

Have u compared the sound quality of Lightning DS and Roon? I agree the interface of Roon is excellent and good at showing all the albums from difference source. However, I find the sound of Lightning DS tend to be more analog and smooth. The sound from Roon is still good, but a kind of digital feeling, especially when converting to DSD format. What do u think?

My setup is Aries G2 and Vega G2, with a set of Soulution pre + power amp combo.


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Same thing for me LDS > Roon with an Auralic product. May not be the case with other streamer.

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Ditto for me too.

I believe the G1/G2 decoding algorithms are different to those in Roon, which may go some way to explain what I/we are hearing.

As well as the SQ of native (non upscaled) files seeming better using LDS, I also prefer the sound of files upscaled on my G1, verses the SQ of the same file being upscaled in Roon on my Roon Core machine. This may again be due to different algorithms and, possibly, the better performance/lower noise of the Teslar platform on the G1, compared to my Roon Core machine.

My set up is G1 (connected to NAS over wi fi), Chord Qutest (usb connected to G1) Hattor Audio Passive Pre Amp, Linn Akurate 4200 power amp and Martin Logan Electromotion X speakers.

Roon’s built-in upsampler sounds very artificial when upsampling to DSD. I would suggest to avoid it.