Sotm switch and leo

I will soon have the duo vega / leo
I will then want to improve the network / streaming part by buying a switch
I saw that the 10g sotm has a master clock input 50 or 75 ohms to slave the switch by an external clock
is it possible to enslave him by leo gx?

No !
The Auralic LeoGx currently works only with the Vega G2.
The LeoGX purposely uses a new and proprietary concept that works only with appropriate devices from Auralic.

You will never have issue with timing at home regarding Ethernet. Electrical noise maybe, but not timing. A external clock, for a switch at home, is totally overkill.

With a standard switch, the buffering and the low bandwidth in audio, you can have a error correction very effective and correct a packet 30 times before it have an impact of timing.

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