Sorting Qobuz favorites

With Tidal you can sort your favorites in LDS: By title, by artist, A - Z, Z - A, last added, and so on.

In Qobuz the favorites always appear first in the order “last added”. No choices. Even if I enter a different order in the original Qobuz app, this setting is not applied to LDS.

I would like to ask you to also offer options in LDS for displaying the Qobuz favorites.

Maybe other languages than English could be offered in LDS/Qobuz (e.g. German).

Finally, I would be very happy if Auralic soon manages to display the Qobuz album art and credits (this feature is not available on Tidal) via LDS.

Kind regards

Yes, this is something we are discussing internally recently.

We know Qobuz App offers this feature but their API does not have such function. The Qobuz App may have pulled all info from server and stored locally then sort the content. We pull data from Qobuz server in real time use page function (50 albums per page) so it really need their API support to achieve same function like what we have done on TIDAL.

Ah yes I was also going to suggest the ability to sort Qobuz favorites in the Lightning app by album, artist titles. Its now by latest-added which makes it hard to find stuff. I read Xuanqian’s explanation. Bummer. Hope Qobuz adds that to their API soon.

Ok I looked at the API and sent Qobuz a request - not having high hopes but who knows. This is what I sent:

Here is a quick request to add a ‘sort order’ parameter to the getUserFavorites API. Here is why:

  • I use an Auralic streamer to stream Qobuz
  • Qobuz integrates nicely into Auralic’s Lightning App
  • However, the sort order of my Qobuz ‘favorites’ (albums, playlists or artists) in the Lightning App is fixed : by most recently added only
  • This makes albums etc hard to find, you basically have to scroll and look at each
  • Xuanqian Wang, one of the Auralic Founders, mentioned this is due to an API limitation, they can’t pull the list in any specific order, and they pull only part due to pagination
  • I looked at your getUserFavorites API in Github and I do indeed not see a parameter to influence sort order when requesting

So, if you add a parameter to the API to influence sort order of favorites, that would greatly help Auralic improve usability of Qobuz in the lightning app!

By the way love Qobuz - pretty much al I use now.
Thanks much in advance.


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Hi Nieuwro,

:+1: I hope your request to Qobuz is successful.

Best regards

@Xuanqian: The Qobuz API team got back to me, they are expecting to add a sort order to this API call by June (see below).

"Sort order are in progress for this call :

  • favorite/getUserFavorites
  • playlist/getUserPlaylists
  • purchase/getUserPurchases
    Hope this can be available on june"

So then the Auralic team can hopefully incorporate that in some Lightning release after that. I am sure they have a big list of items, but the sort order would be a nice enhancement.

Greetings to all. Love Qobuz on my Aries G2.

That’s a good news, I hope they will imply the API as promised in June.

Qobuz just updated their app with playlist sort order functionality, their API might be updated. Will take a look. By the way I would imagine the Qobuz app to use the same API layer as the one they expose to partners, but maybe they have a few private ones.

Err…Can you please let me know the API document? I looked at their API document and there is still no mention of this new feature:

Indeed, I also checked in GitHub, and getUserPlaylists or getUserFavorites do not seem to be updated yet. Might not have made in into a June release.

I checked in with them; the code has been written and is in testing phase. So it’s underway.

Thanks. As long as they have added the API, it should be very easy for us to add the feature.

Any progress on being able to sort in Qobuz?

I looked at qobuz API document, no update so far…

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Update for this topic. I believe the latest qobuz API document I got last week have this function enabled. We will test it out and add as soon as possible.


:+1: Thank you.

great news on that!

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