Sort Albums under Artist by Year


I’d like the option to sort albums for an Artist by Year not just alphabetically.


I support that too :+1:


I ‘d like it too +1 :+1:


Me too!!


Hi guys:

Thanks for the feedback it seems to be quite popular request! We will work on this, it should be not difficult to achieve.


I also sign up to that


I have chosen to use a program for android called BubbleDS Next that works much better than Lightning DS very complete and easy to use organizes by date instead of by name you can play entire collections of a band with just a click, Lighning I should learn from him.


Another suggestion would be that Genre’s menu should show the bands instead of all the discs together that are in alphabetical order.


+1 to do so


Hi guys:

We are working on this feature recently and it appears there are quite a few ways (options) by far. We can introduce a 2nd level sort option in any location but we need to know what we will need

So far I have gathered requests of the following:

Artist/Composer > Release Date (Year)
Genre > Artist Name


Would there be any way to show file format in the artist > album view?

I have some albums in multiple format (e.g. one FLAC, one DSD) which appear as two separate albums, but I can’t tell which is which until I play the track


I found several ways of sorting albums in the various setup I had. My favorites:

  • Name
  • Release date (oldest to newest)
  • Artist > Release date (oldest to newest).
    One could prefer to sort newest to oldest…

+1 for album format to be displayed over the artwork or below. Personally, I add a [bit-freq] at the end of the album title of all albums that are not CD default format (I.e. Thriller [24-96]), but this gives a long title which is often not displayed.