Songs from Tidal are shortened


Does anybody recognize this behaviour from Tidal in LDS?

Songs from random albums are suddenly shortened (e.g. from 9 to 6 minutes) and the counter in LDS reflects this shortened playtime as well. When the end of the playtime is reached, the song is being cut off and playback skips to the next song (that is also shortened). The same album plays normally in the Tidal app. This behaviour is not seen with Qobuz.
Logging out of and back into Tidal has not helped.


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Mark Demmink

I have also recently noticed that songs longer then 6 minutes terminates early. The playlist shows correct length, but remaining time shown below the album art is too short and corresponds to the actual time played. On Aries G2 with 6.1 and LDS 5.4.

The same problem here with Tidal on a Aries Femto with FW 5.8 & LDS 5.4

Hi, I just noticed the same problem here with Tidal on a Aries Femto with FW 6.1.1 & LDS 5.4 for the first time today. It doesn´t matter whether I use the phone or the tablet. Like Mark said, the problem does not occur in the Tidal App. Best, Dominik

I’ve had the same problem today using G1/ LDS 5.4 / Tidal - anyone got any suggestions as to what’s going on?

Same here on a Polaris fw 6.1.1 and LDS 5.4.

Every now and then, a track gets stopped at a random point, and playback stops completely (ie. the rest of the album is ignored).

Additionally, restarting the same track will cause it to stop at the same position. Eg. I have a track of 6m31s in my playlist, when I play it, it stops after 10s or so.

I have the same problem on Aries Femto fw 6.1.1.
Strangely it’s ok with MQA tracks.


Seems like songs are playing correctly now!

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Me too ! the problème is ok

I’ve got a recurrence of this problem on Tidal today…anyone else affected?