Solid State Drive in Pause Mode

I have a Solid State drive attached to my Aries G1 at the USB input. All working fine, but wondering if I am doing any detriment leaving a song in pause mode for a long time, to either the drive or the G1. I don’t see any stop choice in Lightning on my iPad.

There is an option called ‘Always On’ under music library setup’s additional operations (web control interface). If you turn off this option and put the ARIES G1 in sleep, your SSD is suppose to shut down into low power mode. This really depends on if your USB drive’s control chip can react to the shut down command properly. Most of them will do so but not all of them.

OK, so I was more interested in if I hit pause and don’t come back for about an hour or two. Will that be OK since I am using a solid state drive?

No, that’s not really possible. The Lightning Server is a DLNA server software built inside your device which pull data from SSD. The concept for Lightning Server is that it will not just provide music server service to your current device but also in your entire home network. So as long as the server is running, it will need to keep the SSD running.