Sirius G2 release date


I have just bought Aries G2 and I am very very satisfied with its sound. Aries now works with my Lyngdorf TDAI 2170 amp with Room Perfect system. I am interested in incoming Sirius G2 Upsampler/Processor, release date, suggested price and features, especially room correction. How it works in comparing with Lyngdorf Room Perfect.

Wojtek Kamiński


We are working on this product now, there is no confirmed time when it will be available at right moment.


Thank You for answer. I will be waiting for processor and new amplifier.

Wojtek Kamiński

W dniu 14.08.2018 o 06:04, Xuanqian Wang pisze:


Can’t wait for the sirius! If auralic can keep the price down a bit, it really will be the icing on the cake!
I am an Aries G2 owner and would like this to pair with the sirius via the lightning link… Will this be beneficial or is the lightning link really for connecting to the Vega G2?


The Lightning Link is very important when you use multiple of G2 product.


Could the future Sirius up-sampler be used with an Aries G1? I assume not, as the G1 does not have the lightning link?


all the dsp processors I know are limited to 24 bits and 192khz for the best ones.
now the auralic devices are all on 32bits, etc.
how is the sirius doing?
will he be the height of aries-vega?
Should we fear that it will deteriorate the signal?
is it limited to 24-192 like all other processors?
to be upsampled after dsp treatment?
will all these signal transformations not harm the signal?


Processing internally should be done at 32 or 64 bits for accuracy, but output greater than 24 bits isn’t needed.

A few of the very very best measuring DACs can reproduce 22 bits max. Avertised > 24 bits isn’t reality.

In fact if the Sirius had dither optiions for less than 24 bits it would be more useful.


The internal processing resolution should be higher than 32bit floating point or 48bit fixed point (on FPGA) no matter what DAC can support.


Hi Wojtek,
I have Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 and I am considering buying Aries G2. What cable do you use to connect the two (I assume you are using USB)? There were some compatibility issues regarding usb cables + Aries G2 reported here, so I am glad to hear it is working with Lyngdorf.



Just let you know that I am using TDAI 2170 with Aries G2 via USB cable and it works fine.


Thanks for info. Great then! Can you specify what usb cable do you use? Just generic usb cable or some hifi branded one? (I am using Audioquest Carbon with my current Aurender streamer)…


My Lyngdorf works fine too with Aries G2. I’m using 0,5m USB cable by Wireworld.


I’m using Audioquest Diamond, 0.75m.