Service and repair required - faulty Taurus preamp


Anyone know how to get a unit repaired in either China or the US? I live in Australia.

The only advice I got from Auralic contact was to visit this online community.


Where was it bought? I’d suggest seeking advise from the retailer primarily.


The Melbourne store where I bought it no longer distributes Auralic. The Auralic website shows one distributor in Perth and he said email the company to get help. The response from the Auralic website was send it back to China or the US but didnt say how and
where. Just said visit the online community page. So far no good.


Sorry to hear about your troubles…
I think we might get some advice from @Xuanqian I trust.


Thanks. I’ll keep trying. This was the email from Auralic.

Hi Simon:

The unit will need to return to China or U.S for service.

Xuanqian Wang

Please visit our online community at