Searching perfect device


Hello !
I will soon buy vega g2 and leo gx
and i would like to use roon, which will be installed on a roon core
especially for upsampling all pcm signal to dsd512 all files coming from Qobuz or internal or external ssd hard disk

but I am little lost

Of course, to do the same thing, I could wait and buy a aries g2 and Sirius but it will probably be too expensive for me (aries + vega • sirius + leo = more than 25000 €!)

so I thought about buying a unique and sll-in-one powerful audiophile roon core device (Max 5000€) for

  • store the files
  • stream from Qubuz
  • upsampling all the files in dsd512

…that could be both a streamer, a server and be powerful enough for upsampling dsd 512 on a roon core… and that would be cheaper than sirius + aries g2… and that could perffectly work with my Vega G2/Leo gx tandem.

but what good quality device does all this?
and how to connect it? on the vega g2 in usb? on the router in rj45? or both ?

sorry for all these questions!
and thank you !


As far as I know there are no Auralic devices that will upsample anything via Roon. They will only upsample via Lightning DS.


If you use Roon then you dont need ARIES G2, the VEGA G2 should be just fine. Adding LEO GX will bring sound quality to next level. Regarding the upsampling feature of Roon Core, it may sound like a toy comparing to what Sirius can offer for real serious performance.


Yes Xuanqian
BUT if you want to run the SIRIUS, you must have the Aries too!
I would have loved to buy the sirius at its release but I can not take the combo aries + sirius : too expensive