Screen issue Vega G1

I have the strangest thing happening that I cannot find any other users having issues with.
The screen has just started showing scan lines in it.
I have tried every restart and reboot scenario including a hard reset with erasing all settings. Nothing has resolved this. I am now leaving the unit unplugged for a series of hours to see if dissipating energy in all capacitors will help this issue. I have attached pictures to show my issue, I am hoping this fix does not require sending the unit back but it doesn’t look good.

The display module is not installed properly and mostly the FPC cable on the back or was damaged during transportation. What we usually do is to replace the entire display module in case there is any potential problem. Please contact your local distributor and have this problem fixed.

Thank You you and will do. Please know this unit is incredible and I’m very happy otherwise. I know that sometimes things happen. Thank You for the support.

Maybe swap up to the G2 brother. ?? Now’s the perfect time. :wink:

Lol. Not now bro. Not in the cards. Very happy with the G1. Just can’t wait to get one back.

I’m sure the G1 is every bit as amazing sounding as the G2 and I was just messing with ya brother. I know you’ll be glad to get that baby back in your set up!

Up and running with the replacement
Thank You Auralic.

Wow time flies

No doubt! Thank You Auralic for such a stunning player !