Scolling direction for booklet


It would be nice to be able to scroll horizontally the page of a booklet instead of vertically. It will look like more like a book and feel more natural. Like you turn the pages of a book.

I think scrolling direction is controlled by iOS system, application can not reverse it.

It seems possible :

That’s a standalone software, when you read PDF inside Lightning DS, our App actually opened a Safari window (without allowing you to input website address).

Hello, it’s embedded in the iOS SDK

You can use it to render PDF, display thumbnail etc …

Thanks, we got to use that kit rather than open a web browser, it will take some work. Is that high on priority?

No too high, but you know, some little details made huge differences :slight_smile:

For the user experience point of view, i think it will be a nice to have.
But stability and sound quality first of course !

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