Roon Rock / NUC Frankenstein

Hello Auralic guys,

The last few days I have created a NUC FRANKENSTEIN with spare computer parts I had in reserve and successfully made the ROON ROCK CORE work on it.

Carte mère: ASUS P8 Z77-V PRO
Carte graphique : GE FORCE GTX 285
Mémoire Crucial : DD3-1333
CPU : Intel I5 - 3570K CPU 3,40 GH / Refroidissement Zalmann
Alimentation : Corsair CX 600 M

Some pictures :

Works very well, very low cost and great music with my ARIES G1

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Nice job, but why the graphics card?
And, you need to add the ffmpeg codecs for playback of compressed audio! :slight_smile:

Yesterday I took away the graphic card, the mouse and the keyboard.
For the codecs I had a look on the website but didn’t really understand what I should do or not, so I left it. Anyway ROON ROCK works fine and plays all my music from the NAS and QOBUZ.

Alright! It seemed like an unnecessary power consumer and possibly source of disturbance!

Regarding the ffmpeg codec, you simply download it from any site, like:
Select ffmpeg-release-amd64-static.tar.xz, download it, expand it and then copy the ffmpeg library (no extension) to;
\\<your ROCK-build’s IP Adress>\Data\Codecs\

All done! Now you can play AAC and MP3 files as they sometimes come from Qobuz or Tidal.


Ok, I will have a look on these ffmpeg codecs and try to have them installed on my NUC. I will proceed carefully and will surely need some time understanding all the stuff. Anyway I’ll have a try and will let you knowhow it goes further.

I have one album in mp3 format and you’re right my ROON ROCK cannot read it yet.


Ok it’s done the ffmpeg file is in the ROON OS CODECS folder. It was easier to do than I first thought it would be.

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Excellent! And i see that the ROCK can connect via WiFi if you would want to also.
A nice build, will you protect it with a chassi of some kind?


Yes the motherboard has an integrated WiFi module but I didn’t activate it. The NUC is located in the cellar near the NAS and connected to the network via Ethernet. If I find an old ATX box I could make my Frankenstein NUC have a better look…

Thanks for your support

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