Roon, G1, Mytek Brooklyn

Hi, New to the G1 having updated from a Bluenode. I am wondering what people would consider to be the optimal settings to let these 3 devices play nicely. I mainly stream from a NAS. the bulk of my files are standard redbook resolution FLAC with a few hires. I use Tidal a bit. I am not yet convinced about MQA being of value, but still open of mind about .

Where should I be getting the upsampling (if I choose to do that) be happening. What sort of numbers? Should Roon and the Mytek be doing the heavy lifting?

So many options

Thanks in advance


I have quite similar devices as you have. ARIES G1 => MYTEK Brooklyn DAC => NAIM AUDIO Preamp => NAIM AUDIO Amp => Fischer&Fischer SN70 speakers or Grado, AudioTechnica cans.

Mainly I use ROON to play my music streaming from QOBUZ or my NAS. But also use LDS, LUMÏN and LINN KAZOO.
The music format I prefer are DXD, MQA and DSD256 which I find nicely analog and soft listening for my ears. The most of my albums on the NAS are in FLAC format ripped from my CDs.

Thanks. So what have you set up in Roon from the point of view of signal processing? What have you done inside the Aries and what sort of DAC settings have you made? I am keen to learn from others experience. The bulk of my listening is ripped CDs on the NAS. Sounds much like you

Well, plenty of things to say about your questions. To make it simple.
I use ROON ROCK on a self build NUC I called FRANKENSTEIN, you can read about it in the « Café » items.
The only item I change in the ROON DSP settings is the Crossfeed filter when I listen with the cans. Otherwise I leave all the settings unchanged.

For the settings in the Aries G1 and the Mytek Brooklyn DAC it is somewhat different. I will give you mine in the following posts.

My settings in LDS

My ARIES G1 and my iPad connect wireless to a Cisco Wap150 which then goes Ethernet to the router and the NAS. Both device have a static IP address.
For security reasons I do not have activated in LDS to participate at the beta firmware versions.


For the settings in the MYTEK BROOKLYN DAC it’s a bit more complicated I need some more time to find them all again. Anyway Aries G1 and MYTEK are connected together by USB. Straight at the beginning I have added a TeddyPardo PSU to power the MYTEK Brooklyn DAC. I also have put the 4 jumpers inside the MYTEK to reduce the volume output.

I think we are on a similar wavelength here. So much help. Thank you very much. I waiting for the G1 to be delivered, but thought I would try to learn how to set it up.

At the moment I have Brooklyn DAC +. The trim control replaces the jumpers. Set at -4. SBooster PSU.

Plays into Prima Luna Dialogue with big (KT150) tubes. The DAC input is currently via a Bluenode1, to be replaced by the G1 on wifi.

Synology NAS with FLAC files and Tidal for exploring music, but I rather having the music under my roof. The wifi is industrial grade with fixed IPs for all the important stuff and never drops out or defaults. Have bought a Curious USB cable to connect the DAC and G1.

Looking forward to a new toy!

Not wanting to side track the discussion, which is all very interesting, could you please elaborate on “security reasons” with beta participation.


May be the word security is not the right word my English is far to be perfect. I have chosen not to activate beta versions to avoid bugs and issues to occur in my device.

Oh, your are waiting for your G1. So what you already can do is to create your music library with LDS and navigate a little in the app to get familiar with it.
Good luck


Thanks, understand, I was on the fence a little but wanted the bbc stream fix so just closed my eyes and enabled it.

I’ve just posted a new topic under Hi-Fi World and would appreciate any views you may have, especially since you also have Naim kit.

Maybe it can be interesting to have a look here :


The settings in my MYTEK Brooklyn DAC are:

Input. USB
Volume. -50
Mute. Off
Output. Auto
Sync. Int
SDIF Rate. X256
Phase. Pos
Main Balance. 0
Vol Control. DGTL
ByPass. On
USB Volume. DSBL
Analog Input. Line
Coax Function. SPDIF
DSD Filt BW. Auto
Disp Auto Off. DSBL
Display Bright. 1
Auto Return. DSBL
Diode Bright. 1
St-By D Bright. 1
Color. Green
Power On. Auto
Remote. Apple
Remote Address. 238
Device. INFO

Ouf, so many

Thank you.

I had read that. I am very happy with Roon at the moment, so thought I would sort that out first and then see what I think about Lightning DS


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You are right, trust your ears…

A vote from me on using Lighting DS verses Roon to get the best sound quality out of the G1 for native format FLAC files stored on my NAS.

I also prefer the SQ of these files when upscaled on the G, verses being upscaled by my Roon Core. This probably has something to do with the G1 algorithms being different to Roon and, possibly, the higher performance of the Teslar platform on the G1, compared to processing power of my current Roon Core machine

But, as another poster said, let YOUR ears be the judge! :slight_smile:

Have Fun!!

Thanks for the advice. Have you done this test on the latest firmware version?

It would be inconvenient if Lightning sounds better as I have just spent up on a Roon Nucleus, but so be it. Curious USB cable arrived, so just waiting for the postman to deliver the Aries.