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Hi Xuanqian,

Supposedly Trinnov is the best room correction system and easily beats Dirac, ARC and others. Especially in multi-speaker home theatre but also in stereo. At least according to reviews available on the web.

How would you classify your room correction system built into the Aries G2?

Moreover, I am thinking about combining your Auralic Leo GX plus Vega G2 with a Trinnov Altitude32 (the recently released Altitude16 seems to have no support for hooking up an external DAC). Any thoughts on this?

Finally, any news on the feature set and release date of the Sirius G2?



Hello Xuanqian,

You have said the Room Correction will be introduced in October, have you a date early October or towards the end of October?


Roon vs Lightning DS

any update on this feature?


waiting waiting…:slight_smile:


We are still working on this. The function is complicated and related to several things like zone play. A lot of testing that need to be done before 1st beta coming out.


Are you going to deviate from an October release?


so complicated that it can’t be released in year and a half?
It was promised for last fall, this is getting ridiculous :slight_smile:

If you guys can’t release something, don’t even bother saying that you are releasing it soon

We paid serious cash for Auralic devices, and deserve at least to know when something is going to be released or not.


I guess we should be starting checking out Roon, I am definitely not waiting 1 more year for you guys to change software that did not really change that much for years


Roon is definitely worth checking out regardless. You can do some DSP, but I bet the AURALiC implementation with have less negative impact on the sound.

And, I’d rather have AURALiC spend extra time and get it right than put up with bugs from premature release.


extra time is fine, but over a year… really…

Roon vs Lightning DS

We are still targe at this month but will probably working on 5.6 firmware first.


You and the team will be busy in the 5 days that remain of this month then :laughing:


if it’s October this year :wink: but seriously, you guys need better public relations. If you can’t deliver in some timeframe, thats fine, but don’t pull customer noses, we get to excited, and then when something takes this long, we just get dissapointed

You need more transparent messaging

Just a suggestion, don’t do the same thing Canon did with their cameras (by being late on mirrorless train), they are starting to miss out lots of customers


6.0.beta1 pushed to ARIES G1 and ARIES G2 beta channel yesterday, all other devices will follow next week.


awesome! :+1::musical_note:


Fantastic. :slight_smile: Great to be able let my Aries G1 do the work rather than Roon for downsampling and upsampling. Not sure that DSD processing is completely working at the moment - if I select convert DSD to PCM in LightningDS then Roon doesn’t seem to know that the G1 is DSD capable and makes the DSD to PCM conversion itself (as pre the beta).

If I switch DSD to PCM conversion off in LightningDS then Roon sees the G1 as DSD capable but that is no good to me as the DAC in my speakers are not DSD capable.


Does it include roon sound quality improvments ?


I believe the ‘Roon Sound Quality Improvements’ are delivered through the ability to use the Aries processing rather than Roon - downsampling or upsampling, for example, therefore getting the benefit of Auralic’s filters.


This is kind of a contradiction to why I use Roon. I don’t want my critical audio devices to perform proces intensive calculations, hence the reason I bought a Roon ROCK device.

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