Remove WiFi PCB from Aries G2 motherboard

Regarding my brand new Aries G2:
Since I only use ethernet and to make sure there is no interference whatsoever, I want to remove that little WiFi PCB stuck on the main board. Does that make sense, will it continue to work…?

Sounds like a plan to me & it’s definitely something I’d consider having a go at myself too :slight_smile:
But & it’s a big But friend ;
It’s probably going to invalidate your warranty.
Double check with Auralic before even opening it friend as it’s quite an expensive product…
It would also render apple Airplay useless if you used that but I’m guessing you would already know that if your defo wanting to remove the Wi-Fi board :wink:

Right…! Just ethernet, no more… Using it with Roon.

Contact Auralic friend as I’m pretty sure that it’ll invalidate your warranty.
Maybe someone who works for or represents Auralic will see this & advise you regards the warranty but I’m nearly %100 sure that doing such a procedure to the device would definitely render your warranty voided by your own hands so to speak.
So then if that is the case that you’d be left with Zero warranty would whatever if any minor improvements in SQ achieved by the removal of the Wi-Fi board be worth having No warranty on your expensive Aries friend?

Private message @Xuanqian friend as I wouldn’t want to give you any bad advice regards such an expensive product that could potentially leave you with No Warranty & maybe only having a broken box only useful as a doorstop in case that Wi-Fi board might somehow be actually needed for some integral part of the Aries’s functionality thus removing it might not even be an option :grimacing:

Reminds me of some new cars. Eff around with tuning or computers and the manufacturer can void warranty on the whole car!

Maybe you can send it to Auralic and ask them to just disconnect power from WiFi board. No need to remove the whole board. But I’m just guessing. And if you don’t have WiFi active I’m not sure disconnecting it would make any difference

I seem to recall a reply from Xuanqian regarding permanent removal of a WiFi Card was not a solution to those suffering WiFi Card issues with first gen Aries and Altair devices, something about the boot process expecting its presence.

Not sure it that may have been device specific or even if it could change with software/firmware releases, but he seemed to imply the only fix was to replace faulty Card or switch to Ethernet but leaving the Card in place.

Not withstanding the above, I find it hard to believe that Auralic wouldn’t have instigated some form of electronic isolation with respect to WiFi Card/PCB not in use, after all the G2 is a premium product.

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And how do you block the 25 WiFi network around you, the micro wave, the radio wave, the cellular wave … :grinning:

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Ahem, say again? What on earth has gotten you that idea? :slight_smile:

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Yeah that’s a true utter dumbass Lemon of a sentence Regards he’ll have No Airplay for sure I said :grimacing: LOL, when I typed it I just had an image of my daughter always tapping away on her iPhone as she’s the only 1 in my place that uses Airplay, just thought Wi-Fi, iPhones & Airplay so need Wi-Fi & typed it in.
Of course if it’s hard wired & not connected via Wi-Fi it’s only the bloody iPhone that’s using the Wi-Fi & the Streamer’s using Ethernet :grimacing: :roll_eyes: :grimacing: So Airplay works either way my Dumbass bad :grimacing: :joy: :grimacing:
& to think I’m a Microsoft Certified Network Admin as well :grimacing: :joy: :grimacing:


I think the OP just wants to be ultra over cautious regards any RFI noise & as such wants to go down that route of probably trying to remove every & any possible noise incursions as can be achieved after probably buying filters & galvanic isolation this & that so it maybe the only thing left he could do?
I’d still question Auralic though as warranties can be invalidated very easily so hopefully he’ll enquire & know for sure :wink:

Actually your typo is a good example of how complex things have become in the last few years of streaming.
I mean, look at all the questions that arise when a a new streaming product is launched?
Does it do?;
iOS or Android
Etc etc…

15 years ago you need’nt ask buddies, when visiting for a music session, more than one question;
Do you also still have your vinyl spinner?
(Of course assuming a CD player was operational)

On that we’ll most definitely agree.
Things have just snowballed regards the whole “Streaming”/ “Digital” process for sure in the past 10 years or so…
We should definitely just sit back & listen to our Music more often rather than always keep chasing the next greatest best “Current Thing” IMHO :wink:


A word momentous calmly hast thou spoken.

Wait!! What?? Listen to music? Who has the time for that?

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Got a hold of another Aries G2 which I was allowed to open… Removed the board and guess what… It tries to boot but goes in a restart loop… So that’s the answer: NO IT CAN NOT BE REMOVED. Put the board back et voila… It runs again…!

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