Removal of Recently Played Radio Stations

Hi all, first post after setting up and listening for the last few hours to my new ARIES Mini, a really nice bit of kit and generally well pleased.

Setup was no issue due to all the supplied guides and in App prompts, but was wondering if someone could advise on the following.

After playing a few Internet Radio Stations and saving the ones liked to “Favourites”, I was trying to clean up those left over under “Recently Played” and can’t seem to find any manual option to do so.

So, is there any User way to remove stations under recently played or does the Lightning DS app clean this section out automatically after a set period.

Thanks in advance.

Doesn’t anyone have a clue on how to remove the “non favourites” that populate the “Recently Played” section of Radio in the Lightning DS app, I basically want to clear the page of stations I will no longer listen to!

I never look at "recently played ". Happy to be able to add and remove "favourites ".

Thanks for responding, and yes, all is ok on how Favourites is managed, it’s just that nothing similar appears to be available for Recently Played which I find strange.

After years of using other iDevice Apps I’ve got used to the “hidden” ways features seem to be incorporated, and therefore thought with this LDS App I was just missing something obvious.

It strikes me if the build up of recently played stations can’t be “trimmed” or completely removed that section will get very crowded very quickly and as a consequence loose it’s effectiveness, may be someone from Auralic may respond on this aspect.

These data is managed by vTuner server, we are not able to change the data here.

Thanks for the explanation, as I’ve previously said very new to streaming so basically learning how everything works, but I like what I’m experiencing so far, the Mini is a joy to use.

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