Refreshing Album Information Stay there forever

My Aries G2 keep displaying Refreshing Album Information and the message is on the top display bar for many days. I use the function browse by folder.

Did you try to kill the LDS app to restart it ?

Hi. I found a solution to this. Delete the file index…

Yep sometimes it can be corrupted …

Yes well I have been going on about this with Auralic “support” and they blame me for the problem!

It’s as clear as day that there is a bug in LDS or Lightning Server because updates over SMB are never reflected in LDS using the documented methods - you have to delete the index and start from scratch.

I’ve been using LDS for 8 months. Adding albums is usually okay. Deleting albums, deleting tracks or updating artwork is problematic and simply does not work reliably.

Auralic support seem to be in a state of denial about this. But the bug is there, for everyone to see.

I’m using smb share with a Synology NAS for many years now with Auralic products and i’ve this issue maybe 2-3 times in 3-4 years. I upload, modify, delete music almost every day. Same thing for tag modification or cover art, booklet etc …
I do not have too much to complain.

I never had to delete index to update informations in LDS. If I do a new scan, it’s working and modifications are reflected in LDS.
I do not know what is your issue (maybe permissions ?), but it’s not a common behavior.

@deuch, I envy you!

Sadly, it is common behaviour in my case. Additions are usually fine, deletions or modifications are not.

I am using a new(ish) iPad Pro. Both IOS and LDS are the latest versions.

I should point out that I am not the only person to have this problem. There are others that have posted similar issues. I suspect there are plenty more that have had this issue but who have not posted here, or contacted Auralic directly.

I am actually using an internal SSD on my Mini - maybe this is where the problem is? Who knows? I don’t think I ever will, given the level of official support.

And you have many people that do not post to say that it works … And generally it’s the majority. People are always motivated to post a message when they have an issue, rarely when they are happy :slight_smile:

Maybe the issue appears because your are using the internal mini SSD. It’s possible. In your case LDS is not using SMB to read your disk. You are using SMB from your computer to copy/remove file.

Can you test to use a SMB Share on a computer or NAS to check if you still have the issue ?

Actually, looking on the support threads about the problems others are having with seriously expensive kit and are getting absolutely no support from Auralic, I’m giving up with this pointless debate and moving on.

@deuch I do not agree with your idea of support - by inference you are suggesting that the only issues ever experienced anywhere by anyone are those that are reported here, which is clearly absurd. I wonder if you work for or represent Auralic in some way?

My view remains that this firm does not properly test its software before release and looking at G1 and G2 problems this also seems to apply to firmware.

You are entitled to disregard all this @deuch as being a minor issue of no real import, but I for one think it is unacceptable to sell equipment with software that is unreliable, and feel that annoyed customers should be perfectly entitled to vent their frustration without being told it is unimportant or that the problem is non-existent.

No i’m Not an Auralic employee or something like that.
My remark was general. If you have 100 people who post a message to say that an iPhone is buggy, you will deduce that iPhone is buggy ? Do you think that the hundred of millions of customers who are happy with their iPhone will post a message in the support to say : hey i’m So happy ?
On a support site, you will see all the issue of course, but can you conclude that all the majority have this issue ? This is my point :grinning:
I agree that Auralic sometime use the community instead of providing a true support … With less client, it’s easier to provide dedicated support. I’m not sure that the support team has grown during years … Maybe this community site is a solution to buy some time for Auralic and set up a true support team. Maybe I do not know :grinning:

I’m sorry for your issue, and I would like to find a solution for you. It works for many people so it must work for you.
We are dealing with computer with many kind of network setup, NAS etc. So problem happen for sure. Does the software of Auralic is buggy ? Maybe, but not for all of us :slight_smile:

The first test that I will do in your case is to not use the internal SSD of the mini. To check if the issue still here or not. We can proceed by eliminating hypothesis one by one.