Reclocker with Vega G2 + Leo GX



I have a quick question. I currently own the Aries G2, Vega G2 and the Leo GX all connected through the Lighting Link with Audioquest Diamond HDMI cables. I am also connecting my LG OLED TV’s digital audio output to the Vega G2 via an Audioquest Diamond TOSLINK cable (3m) to use my 2-channel music set-up to also improve my sound quality on TV shows, Netflix movies, etc. I also connect my Oppo BDP-95 Blu-Ray/ CD player via Coax to the Vega G2 to get similar benefits to the sound quality. I have set the Oppo and the TV digital outputs to 2-channel so that all equipment is in sync.

One of the dealers on another forum was suggesting that I buy the Sychromesh reclocker between the TV/ Oppo and the Vega G2 to get a significantly better sound from both the TV and the Oppo and then connect the Synchro Mesh to the Vega G2 through a high quality Coax.

My question is with the high-end Auralic equipment I already have, will a reclocker add significant value to the chain? I also intend to add the Sirius when it releases later this year and hence please b build that into your suggestion.

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I do not own a Syncro-mesh, but looking at the website the reviews would appear to be almost 6 years old. I would say that the Vega/Leo technology you have is more advanced than any benefit a re-clocker would bring to the party. Given that the source is a TV - no matter how expensive the TV technology.
Just my 2p’s worth.



I think you do not need this device, once Siris come out, it will do all same work in much better way for VEGA G2.


Thanks both. Will the Siris connect between the Vega G2 and the digital inputs viz. the Aries, my TV thru TOS and the Oppo thru Coax? I ask as only then can it have the same impact as the Synchro-Mesh.



SIRIUS will have a whole batch of inputs allowing you to connect to different sources. It will be Lightning Link connect to ARIES G2 and VEGA G2 then other digital inputs on SIRIUS will accept other digial source.


Any indication of the Sirius release date? I also hear it will have Room Correction built in.