Radio Paradise streaming FLAC


Hi @Xuanqian,

Would it be possible to stream on Auralic streamers as this don’t have the URL to add under ‘Radio’. This is the most talk about internet radio and have excellent genre across the board.

By the way JRiver adds this one in the JR version 24


Not really, the Radio function inside Lightning DS is provided by vTuner, we purchase their service so they are in control of what’s on their list. What we an do is allow My Station function where people can add music station. However the station URL has to be a direct link which means if you put the URL into web browser, it has to be able to play by web browser.


TuneIn provides a link to the Radio Paradise 192kbps MP3 stream which sounds decent enough, but the 320kbps AAC-stream sounds loads better.
However, when i add this to My Stations and stream it, i dont get any cover art, which works in every other situation i have tried.

But, i too would like to have Radio Paradise FLAC-stream available in-app!
It also allows for local caching wich would be perfect with the buffering of the Aries Gx!

So, please, look into adding Radio Paradise FLAC stream as a “music service” :slight_smile:


I Think the Radio Paradise FLAC stream cannot be seen as Internet Radio, it must be treated as any FLAC stream basically. Please, give the Radio Paradise team a holler and have a look at the API they use. It should be possible to integrate into Lightning DS (as a Music service rather than radio)

Its coming to Bluesound very soon? :slight_smile:


If AiresG1 would be able to play RadioParadise FLAC, I would immediately go out and buy one :grinning: . Today I keep my Squeezebox Server with it´s Squeezebox Touch serving my Auralic Vega DAC mostly for the possibility to use Roon, play my own flac music library and Radio Paradise FLAC in combination…


Radio Paradise streaming in FLAC is an exclusive app based, there’s no URL to stream in FLAC but only in MP3 320kbps.

This is unfortunate but I understand Radio Paradise position as it needs to pay loyalties to artists and the source of consistent income is through exclusive deals rather than donations from the public. JRiver also purchased exclusive right to stream in FLAC.

I foresee in the future, internet radio may no longer able to stream via URL directly, presently it is getting difficult to do that. We have to settle like Tunein, vTuner and others, manufacturers of hardware like AURALiC has to pay to them the right to stream internet radio. There’s no free lunch in this world!


The streaming function of music is relatively new and of course there is a problem for artists to get paid for that music. It was more easy in the time of physical records… As a listener you pay for high quality musik via premium accounts at Tidal, Qobuz and so on. These accounts make it possible to do the listening in Roon and LightningDS also.

To be a meaningful streaming hardware unit I think you have to be able to use the unit for all possible kind of streaming. If the radiostations start to demand fee for musik, I’m prepared to pay a reasonable amount to be able to listen to high quality musik. But the hardware also have to see to that this is possible. Maybe sometime that is a cost for the hardware company - so may be.

If LightningDS can stream from Tidal and Qobuz for example, when the listener have premium accounts (and pay for it), I wonder what the difference is to RadioParadise. It ought to be possible to make an agreement with RadioParadise that listener with RP-account (login) could listen (FLAC) also via LightningDS and the technical problem ought to be possible to solve for Auralic developer (as for JRiver, Squeezebox…).


Yes, it will be either customer or manufacturer to pay fo the fee. We pay vTuner for each unit we sold.


It will great if Auralic can make an exclusive deal with Radio Paradise to stream FLAC via LDS, just like JRiver. This is up to Auralic to decide. The thing is if most internet radio stations start to have exclusive deal with hardware manufacturers it will become a nightmare to incorporate their API. That’s why many hardware manufacturers prefer to go Tunein, vTuner etc, they will bundle a lot of radio stations in a one deal.