Radio crashing, can't play Favourite tracks from Tidal with Lightning DS

I’m a new user and have been trying to get used to Lightning DS and its functions.
In the few days testing Lightning DS with an Aries G1 I have noticed that the radio makes the whole app to crash every single time I play any station. I have also tried adding favourite stations and after clicking the one I want to save it doesn’t show any station in Favourites. Another thing I have noticed is that it doesn’t find or show most stations or some higher resolution versions of famous stations(BBC and others), others just don’t even come up in Search. I have been using a Naim streamer for a few years and its app has a good radio section with VTuner as well, but it shows most stations feeds and streams. Is there a way how fix this?
Another issue I have noticed is that when I get to my Favourites in Tidal it shows everything properly, but I am not able to play all tracks in Favourites as I can do it with the Naim app or native Tidal app. Is this an issue or just happens to me?

Please tell us which version of LDS you are using. :slightly_smiling_face:

Latest version downloaded last Saturday. Firmware 6.1

So, LDS 5.4?

Yes, correct, 5.4, but I have those issues.

Previous users have reported similar issues, seemingly location, country specific. Earlier versions of LDS had problems but current version resolved them. Or it’s down to your local network. Auralic would be the best to advise you.

I understand that it may be a buggy version of the app. Does Auralic respond to issues mentioned here?
I also wanted to know if you have the same issue with Tidal not being able to play all favourite tracks and only individually or add to playlists.

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