Questions About Vega G1 vs Aries G1

I currently own the Aries G1 and like it very much. However, I am considering moving it into my office system and replacing it in my main system with the Vega G1. Before I make the switch, I have some questions that are not answered on the Auralic web site:

  1. How does the DAC sound compared to other DAC’s you may own?
  2. Does the DAC in the Vega G1 play well with other devices you have connected it to?
  3. Does the Vega G1 unfold MQA files from Tidal like the Aries G1?
  4. Does the Vega G1 offer upsampling like the Aries G1?
  5. Other than having a built-in DAC and not having Wi-Fi, what other differences are there between the Aries G1 and the Vega G1 in terms of functionality?

Thank you for your assistance!

Read the online publications.

Thanks for your less-than-helpful comments, as usual. If you really have no interest in assisting other users of Auralic products, why are you on this forum? Perhaps you just enjoy being nasty!

I just hate it when people are too lazy to think and or read for themselves.
Note that I did not address your first two questions in my comment for these are legible for subjective answers that are useful on a forum like this.
As usual you’re dumb enough to miss the gist of my comment.

Your ignorant and presumptive response illustrates my point that you really have no business on this forum. As you indicated, you “did not address my first two questions…”, so you really had nothing of value to contribute to this form in general or my question in particular. My philosophy on “dumb questions” on these forums is to either ignore them or give the person the benefit of the doubt and try to give a helpful response if I can. Obviously, that is not your approach.

I think you would be shocked to learn the extend of my group of “friends” on this forum.
Further, improving your language skills can help you.
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  1. I’ve a TotalDac and i prefer it to a Auralic Vega (the first one). Can not say for Vega G1 or G2 but you can have an idea. I’ve the Totaldac d1-core, the entry level (5K€)
  2. Can not answer for the Vega G1, but with the original Aries, no issue with an aries femto and a Mac Mini
  3. Yes it does, but it’s not an official MQA implementation. It’s an Auralic one.
  4. Not sure, can not find info in the manual :
  5. No upsampling or downsampling, not LDS server embedded. You need to use minimserver, or roon or other solution. With the Aries, you just need a NAS or a USB disk. You have half of the memory for the buffering and less CPU power (so maybe less features in the future)

Please check the auralic website support to have more informations :

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I appreciate your input very much! Yes, I have heard the TotalDAC several times in the past at audio shows and it is a very nice DAC indeed, but I understand that the Vega G1 DAC sounds better than the original Vega DAC, so that comparison might go the other way (but then I find that when you get into the really good DAC’s like the TotalDAC, dcs, Chord, etc., the differences are sometimes more a matter of taste than pure SQ).
I especially appreciate your comment on the lack of LDS server as I really enjoy using that on my Aries G1, so that may be a deal breaker for me.
Again, thanks for your helpful comments (I have looked at the Auralic website as well as several online reviews and still have questions).

  1. I had the Vega G2. Insane sounding DAC. Highly recommended.
  2. No worries there.
  3. No
  4. Dunno. Only had the G2…but think so.
  5. A DAC. Just kidding (kind of). I have to go with Pietro on this one…

Just an edit, seems that Vega can not do MQA. A mistake for me :grinning:

Indeed there is no mention about settings for the MQA part in the manual. Even with Tidal directly with LDS it doesn’t work ?

Thanks Orosie !

Yep sure ! Vega and Vega G1 are not so far away I guess :slight_smile: at least in the sound signature.

As you mention, Totaldac and Auralic Vega do not sound the same at all. For me my old Vega bring some listen fatigue. No such thing with Totaldac. But again, at this price the products are good (and too much expensive for what they do) and it’s a matter of taste at the end.

Even with Tidal direct into LDS, it is Auralic’s own “deblurring”, and not true MQA unfolding. I love Tidal for its library and its FLAC, but just not a fan of MQA. I don’t believe Xuanqian is a fan either, from what I have read. I prefer Qobuz hi-res over MQA. Just my opinion, of course.


But with the Vega you can stream the MQA file even with the Auralic way ot not ?

Not with the Vega G1/2, only the Aries G1/2. You have to have the full LDS version only found on Aries, and even then it is not real MQA rendering (according to Xuanqian).

Thanks for the information regarding MQA decoding on the Vega G1/G2 as I do have Tidal (and Qobuz as well) and want to be able to unfold the hi-res files. You are correct that Xuanqian has stated he doesn’t think Tidal’s MQA sounds as good as the same hi-res track from Qobuz. However, I believe he also stated that he prefers the sound of Tidal MQA files unfolded by the Auralic devices as compared to an authorized MQA decoder. Personally, I am happy with the sound of Tidal’s MQA tracks as unfolded by my Aries G1. Based on several helpful comments by you and Deuch, I think I may look at upgrading to the Aries G2, rather than going the Vega G1 route. Thanks to you both!

Well…not much of a surprise that Xuanqian prefers any of his products over others. I would take that subjectivity with a healthy grain of salt.

Either way…Auralic makes great stuff. Enjoy!!

Please be civilized for your post, thank you.


I can give you additional regarding the MQA. We do not do MQA unfolding, we only apply our own deblur filter when we detect MQA file and it has to be in streaming mode, we can not detect MQA file when use digital or USB input.

Upsampling is by default inside VEGA G1 but it is transparent to end user.

Please ask everyone to be so and be fair, thank you.

To be clear, do your comments regarding MQA only apply to the Vega G1/G2 or do they also apply to the Aries G1/G2? Thank you!