Question about Vega / Aries

LDS does everything Roon does. Only better.
But that’s my point of view.

Thanks, Pietro - That’s what I wanted to know!

You don’t need Roon. You will be perfectly happy with LDS. The mini does a beautiful job and has a great sound even @Xuanqian uses one in his home. Since you are committed to the Vega you will have some flexibility plus the Vega is able to run straight to an amp. There is a noticeable difference in sound quality between the mini and the Vega but if you did not hear them side by side you will be happy with the mini. One thing you will need to pick up an LPS which is highly recommended for the mini. The Sbooster one is very popular and of course you can pick up the Auralic version if you can find one.

Where does one shop for LDS? Is it a software only product? Currently available? What is “Sbooster?”

LDS or Lighting DS comes with the mini and the app can be downloaded from the App Store. You can only iPhone or iPad as a controller.

Sbooster is an LPS (Linear power source). Just google it. It replaces the wall wort that comes with the mini. It has a noticeable impact on sound.

Hi Glenn,

You raised some valid points but the one important aspect you do need to consider is personal preference with regards to what sounds best and if a certain improvement is discernible to you.

It’s all right seeking opinions from others but there views can be a potential mine field, for example was it the device that actually sounded better or the attached dac or amp that coloured the overall picture. Even room acoustics and speakers come into play which basically means opinions can only be treated as a rough guide for what might be right for you.

You mention the first choice of doing away with the Pre but concern regarding digital volumes, the best way to decide on that would be to test yourself. Presumably you will still retain your Pre until after you have purchased the rest of the kit, so you are in a great position to do that comparison and which ever way it goes determines if the Pre stays or not.

Regarding the differences going up the “food chain”, I haven’t personally listened to an Aries or G2. But I have owned (and still do) a Mini and my current setup is the Altair G1.

I still have a fondness for the Mini and liked it a lot when playing through my Naim system, but have to admit the Altair G1 is on an entirely different level. It stood out at the dealer and when given more time at home made it even more obvious.

Now I appreciate that’s not the Aries G1 but when demoing the Altair G1 the dealer ran an Aries G1/Vega G1 as well, must say although it was better it wasn’t large enough for me to justify the extra expense. But I went in to the demo wanting a single box solution anyway because of my Mini experience, so it was probably an uphill battle to convince me to spend more from the outset anyway.

If your friend runs a Mini with modified power supply and uses an external dac then it quite likely that combination can compare favourably with a Aries/Vega.

If it was my choice I would second Michael’s proposal, no bells or whistles, then go for the Mini (which also follows your friends advice) with modified power supply and use the Vega’s dac (all the reviews do confirm it has the better dac, and you are committed to it anyway), but test yourself with respect to whether you retain your Pre or not.

You should then end up with a very nice system that satisfies your sound as well as operating requirements.

Happy listening.

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Thanks @Mlmowery - Got it.

Good advice, all @SiHancox - It’s far better for me to listen. BUT - If another has heard all the Aries models in their same system, then all the other variables (associated equipment, room acoustics, speaker differences, etc.) become moot. THAT’s the listener I’m fishing for.

But, being unlikely to find that person, I’ll probably just go with the Aries Mini and listen to what it can do. I’m expecting it to audibly surpass my current Roon over Ethernet system, but won’t know for sure until I hear it. I will be a bit disappointed if the Aries / Vega combo doesn’t sound better than the DAC in my Oppo UDP-205.

That’s a wise decision in my view because even if “someone” has compared all the combinations you are currently considering, there’s no guarantee that the differences they perceive to be important and subsequently be prepared to pay more for, will be yours.

I suppose it’s similar to how some are perfectly happy listing to mp3’s while others couldn’t stand being in the same room, whether it’s down to the fact they simply can’t hear the difference or they just don’t care, but I don’t think there is any right or wrong to it though.

It will be interesting to see which combination you finally decide to have and the reason behind that selection, so please keep us posted.

Best of luck.

Thanks kindly, @SiHancox - Will do.

Turns out the Auralic Aries being offered me is an original with the “warped aluminum case” - not the later Mini. Used as a streamer for the Vega, I don’t guess it’ll matter?

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Even better. I love my Aries and Vega combo. You should be advised that there are issues with the WiFi module but there is a couple of fixes for it.

Thanks, Mlmowery -

If I already have a 802.11 network established with another router, will the Auralic Aries join and operate without issue? If not, what, exactly are the issues?

Thanks - Glenn

This is a nicely put together article that should answer your question.

OK, gents. I got my Aries in and set up. It currently says it is scanning (I hope the HDD that is connected to it via USB?). I have about 4TB of music on that drive - how long should it take to scan the drive? It’s been running now for about 10 minutes with no change in status.

Just one hint: I used to own two Aries Mini; some time ago I have replaced them by an Aries G1. In all of these three devices one issue occurred from time to time. When scanning my music library, the status page remained unchanged for quite a long time although the scanning process was in fact advancing and came to an end after a while. I don‘t make use of a local HDD though, but of a NAS instead, however I assume that this harmless issue might occur in your case as well. If so, keep calm, have a cup of coffee or whatever you‘re feeling like and occasionally have a look at your display :wink:


P.S. Does your external HDD indicate any activity during the process?

Are you up and running?

Hi Robin -

Yes, the external HDD is spinning and its light is blinking intermittently. The circle is spinning on the LDS install on my iPad, so I’m assuming that indexing is proceeding apace.

I tried this previously with another external USB HDD (6TB size) and after an hour or two, the drive had spun down and was cold with no blinking lights, but the LDS install on my iPad still showed the spinning circle. Not sure what happened there…

I’m assuming that local USB HDD vs. NAS drive should make no difference provided that LDS can see them?

Thanks again.

Not yet.

The Aries program has been indexing an external USB HDD now for a couple of hours. The drive is still spinning & its activity light is blinking. The tire is still spinning on the iPad LDS program. But the thing gives no indication as to its progress. I’d really like to know what percentage of “done” the indexing is, but LDS is mute on the topic. Anyone have any idea how long LDS takes to index 4TB?