Qobuz streaming question

I just subscribed to Quboz. When I stream Hi Res, say 192,khz, Quboz from my iPad or phone to my G1, I only get 44K showing on my DAC. But when I bypass the G1 and connect directly to my DAC it streams the correct bitrate. Any help

One other thing. Hi Res files on my Lightning DS library stream at the correct bit rate

You say you’re streaming from your iPad or phone. Do you mean that you’re using the Qobuz app and connecting to an Aries G1 via AirPlay or USB? Or connecting the G1 directly to Qobuz and controlling the connection via Lightning DS?

When you mentioned airplay and lightning ds, it clicked. Airplay only streams 44/16 and I needed to enable quboz in the lightning ds app. This is my first streamer and quboz is my first hi res music streamer. Thanks for help

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