Qobuz new releases missing :(


Every Friday I look at the new releases on Qobuz :slight_smile:
But between the new releases menu in Lightning DS and in the Qobuz app, there’s a huge difference !
Much more albums are proposed in the qobuz app, it’s obvious that the new releases menu in Lightning DS is missing many albums :frowning:
Any solution by firmware ?


I noticed the same problem, see:


Thanks Dant, I’m not alone :wink:
Please Auralic, could you fix it ?
Hopefully your app is better than Qobuz because you give the year and the style on each cover une new releases, qobuz doesn’t.


Attached screenshoots are made today (Tuesday) and I see they are synced to each other?


Hello !
If you look further after you will start to see some albums are missing in new releases in Lightning ds :wink:
For example, you look at the new albums on Friday (in France it’s Friday for the news music). You remember the first album in position (so the last one published).
Then the next Friday you look again at the new releases : from the new first album published to the one from the week before, the numbers of albums available will be totally different!
Let’s say 40 new albums in qobuz and only 20 in Lightning ds … you have to look at all the news, not only the first ones, and you will see that qobuz offers more albums in the new releases than Lightning. I can see it every Friday, no doubt about it !
(Sorry if my English is not clear, I’m from France :wink: )



I compared the result, the first 30 are the same then the result starts vary. There are some albums showing in Qobuz App, not in Lightning DS; but some are in Lightning DS while not in Qobuz. I think their server simply sent back different result by using Qobuz or 3rd party software.


Same for me ! I’ve tried again to send you some screenshots, the variation starts after 30 covers … it’s a bit annoying because have the feeling of missing some parts of the catalog when using a third party app :frowning:
Is it possible for you to contact them about this issue ?
Thanks a lot for your quick reply, Auralic community is great ! :wink:


From today to last Friday :

  • 26 new releases in Lightning ds
  • 82 new releases in Qobuz



same here, I have already reported it weeks ago but nothing changed. It’s really annoying.

on the IOS app (Iphone) if I selected all genres as on Qobuz app I can see from the current selection only the first 19 offers, until “Franziska Pietsch”, after it jumps directly to the last weeks offers, in my case Roger Waters & Thom Yorke, see picture attached. I hope as well if there are improvements on-going to solve this issue.

all the best and have a nice weekend


Yes it’s annoying , because indeed Lightning is better than Qobuz app in terms of data ! It gives the style of music which is great when you look at the new releases with all genres.
What I do now is that I look at the new releases in Qobuz, I select a lot of albums as favorites and then I go in Lightning to listen to them and keep only the ones that interest me :wink:
But I would really like to use only Lightning!


Here you have an example as of today of all the new releases classical music as shown from:
A- the Qobuz app
B- the Audirvana Plus application
C- the Lightning Ds app

You will see the 6th recording (Tchaikovsk Nutcracker) is missing ONLY in the qobuz app (!!!)
You will also,see that Audirvana Plus and Lightning DS show the exact same data.

I suppose the Qobuz App does not show the Albums which are not fully available : in the exemple of Nutcracker only track 10 is available at present .


Good morning

I have tested Roon the last days and found out that the new release list is matching exactly the list from Qobuz app.

I wonder why Lightning DS app is not capable to do the same?