Qobuz Most streamed and Bestsellers

I‘m missing the Folders in qobuz
Most streamed
System says
List is empty.
Booth Folders are available and populated weithin the qobuz App.


Yes, it appears Qobuz have removed those two category in their API so those sections are no longer available (also not available in Qobuz App anymore). We will remove these two section and add new one in the next Lightning DS update.

Any news about sorting Qobuz favorites?

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Can you check with Qobuz as well if they can adjust the API in order the new releases are all visible in same order as in the Qobuz App?
It‘s still not the case…this week 24 new releases in the Qobuz-App, visible in lightning ds only 22. Sometimes it‘s also far less (14), as reported already in this forum.

Thanks for your note.
All the best

The best information on statistics and new ideas can be obtained from the QOBUZ store / shop. = https://www.qobuz.com/de-de/shop/jazz/download-streaming-albums
1 Top left = click on genre and select
2 example jazz
3 choices possible: Bestseller Hi Res, Best Seller, New, Released, All Hi Res etc.
4 Furthermore, there is the Sub Genre (Example Jazz): BeBop, Cool Jazz, Cross Over Dixieland, Free Jazz, Avant-garde, Gospel, Modern Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Jazz Rock, Gypsy Jazz, Classical Jazz, New Orleans Jazz, Jazz Vocals, Latin Jazz, Ragrime
5 Example: Under advance orders, upcoming productions will be listed until March 2020
6 example Bestseller of the last 7 days = https://www.qobuz.com/de-de/shop/jazz/download-streaming-albums
7 Example: News Jazz, yesterday 15.10. alone are 90 (ninety) !!! New performances at Jazz listed. There is a daily update.

Example 6 shows alone that the new productions by QOBUZ every Friday are only a micro extract of the real new productions.
This information has never been available through LDS.
I mean, it’s worth taking a look. The website will probably not exist only for Germany.

Rainer wishes you lots of fun with the music