Qobuz & lightning (iphone) findings



I am a new user with Auralic Aries and lightning DS (iphone).

I have found to problems recently:

  1. going into qobuz/qobuz playlist it’s not possible to select the “heart” picto for adding it “my Playlists”. I have to do it outside in the specific qobuz app, which is quite unconvinient.

  2. the last new release from Friday June 15th isn’t displayig all new entries as per qobuz app, it finishes at “Kelly Markgraf” instead of going until “Mike Shinoda” and “Girls Names”

thanks for your note and all the best


1), the heart icon add music to ‘My Favorite’, not ‘My Playlist’.

2),Our App only display albums that marked by Qobuz as streamable.



I am not happy with the explanation.

to 1): this I understood. Here again my problem: I go to Qobuz Playlist tab, then I select a playlist from Qobuz, then if I would like to add this proposed Qobuz playlist to “My Favorites” it’s not possible because the “heart” pictogram is disabled. is it now more clear?

to 2): all the new albums which are not visible on “new release” same as per Qobuz app are by search or by selecting the Genre visible. That means your statement is not fitting my problem.
example: JD Allen Love Stone was published in Qobuz app last Friday and not visible if you go to new release and all genres are active in Lightning DS app (iphone). If you select jazz, then JD Allen appears in the first 7 entries as it should and it’s streamable too.

thanks again for your support and hopefully solution for above points,


Hello streetz,
to 1: works here (with ipad), heart is visible at own playlist and QOBUZ playlist too and favorite TRACK can be listed - but no COMPLETE playlist.
to 2: same here with your example = not visible at ALL new releases.
best regards rainer


Hi Rainer

Maybe better with pictures.
At my first picture on current first listed play list “James Brown” I would like to assign the FULL playlist in one click by pressing the “heart” to “My Playlists”, second picture.
all the playlists in second pictures, I have assigned outside of Lightning DS app, in fact in the qobuz app.
In the Qobuz app I do this assignment easily by clicking on “+ Playlist abonnieren (subscribe)”.

for 2) I hope this will be solved, for me it seems a bug, because the last two Fridays when Qobuz published the new entries everything was visible in Lightning DS.



here picture 2


and last picture

have a nice evening,


The option you posted is called Subscribe, which is not opened to us yet, it is only available inside Qobuz App.



Ok, got it, this explains everything.

Hopefully Qobuz will release this feature soon to lightning DS as it is a very convenient function.

Do you have an outlook if this will happening soon?

All the best

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