Qobuz drops price in uk

Asa Qobuz hi res user I was emailed this morning by Qobuz announcing BIG price drops in UK across their services. Nice to see that my already paid for yearly subscription also dropped in price to the new level if I signed up for another year, a no-brainier. Similar deals on monthly subs too. Well done! Good customer service imho.

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First in the USA, now the UK…
I am looking forward (and waiting) for a European price drop

Thank you for this positive information Zola. Could you please tell us what is the new price from now in the UK?

£150 per year for the hires streaming. there is a tier above for those wanting the streaming and to purchase the files

For the sublime+ service where you can buy the downloads at a discount it is now £249.99 for the year. Previously it was £299.99.

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