Qobuz Connectivity not working

Yesterday after over a year of problem free usage, I could no longer stream Qobuz to my Aries Mini using Lightning DS. I see the “Unable to play selected streaming track”. I have tried resetting Aries Mini, reinstalling Qobuz settings but nothing seems to work. Qobuz fine elsewhere eg on Mac.

Anybody else hit this problem? Any suggestions?

I wonder if it has to do with ensuring the Lightning DS ‘Streamer Setup’ -> ‘Streaming Quality’ -> ‘Qobuz’ setting matches your Qobuz subscription level. If set higher than your plan, it may cause that error. Just a thought.

Have you ever actually logged out of Qobuz from Lightning DS?

If you access your Qobuz account settings via a web browser, you can see a list of devices currently associated with your account. You can remove any or all of those devices.

Many thanks - that seems to have done the trick. I switched to the lower level although I thank that is still higher than my plan!

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