Qnap —> Aries G2

Hi everybody,

I plug my new qnap hs 251+ into a switch and configure user’s rights (read/write)
My MacBook see it, no problem

But it isn’t so easy with my aries g2 and LDS…
When i add this new network storage in the library, LDS can’t make connexion

« No SMB service » is written
Or « Path unreacheable »
Or « Access denied »

I don’t understand.

How can i do ?
Help me !

Obviously you haven‘t activated SMB in your NAS‘s configuration. Sorry, I‘m not familiar with Qnap; look for the SMB protocol in the Qnap configuration and tick the appropriate checkbox. Afterwards LDS should find your share.


Thanks Robin
I don’t how to enable the smb protocol
And whitch one ? SMB 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 ?

As much as I know it must be SMB 1.

Now i have « connecting… » in statut chemin but it takes a lot of time

Congrats, you’re almost done :slight_smile: Don’t worry, only the first scan takes a rather long time; when the first scan has finished the app is as fast as a lightning…


I think it will better to have the UI in English because the french translation is awfull and meaningless !

Avoid using admin user to do that : create one dedicated to ARies and give it permissions of the share. Least privileges is always better :slight_smile:

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In marked contrast to real life :upside_down_face:

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On the QNAP SMB is active as a default sharing protocol. But like the guys have suggested here, create a special account for the Auralic Lightning Servers access.

I was very frustrated by the need for write access previously, but i belive that has been corrected, @Xuanqian?

Anyways, this is what it looks like on my Aries:

The account “stupid” was created in frustration upon my first meet with Auralic software. This account has Read Only access to my media, and as it turns out it works now. Previously i got a message from Lightning DS complaining that “it needed write access”. No software whatsoever, has any reason to write to my media archive!

Anyway, you should be all set, correct?

Yes we do not require write permission right now, however if we do not have write permission, we would not able to rip CD to the SMB path for the coming firmware new feature. It is up to you guys…

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