PSU for network components



I read some stuff that getting a better PSU for network router/switches/NAS can improve audio quality.


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It’s true, though I prefer galvanic isolation for the network cable to my VEGA G2 as I suspect routers are noisy, by audiophile standards, and a good power supply would only help some. If you are using wifi, you already do this and I don’t know if reducing noise via power supply makes a difference when the signal goes through the air anyway. That is supposed to eliminate any electrical noise. For ethernet (VEGA G2 doesn’t have wifi), I use fiber optic between two TP-Link Media Converters with a linear PSU for the one at the VEGA G2 end. That’s about $100 plus whatever power supply you use. There are also plug in galvanic isolators that go inline with your ethernet cable as an option.

AURALiC has worked to provide galvanic isolation for many of the connections, but it depends on what model you have receiving the signal.


It depends … If you have an audio device that is sensitive to power noise, you have to find which component provide this noise.

It can be a network component or something else. Every wallmart charger or power adapter provide node.
But some products have build-in protection onboarded (like Schaffner filter). Sometime it’s enough, sometimes not … It depends (again) of the frequency handled by the features.

So my point is, no a better PSU will on a network component will not improve sound (it can but it’s not a 100% sure solution). But filtering or replace your “average” PSU of other components (NAS, swicth, TV Box like shield TV, appleTV, USB/phone charger/power adapter), can improve things.


Power supply is really important for anything. High performance is sensitive to a lot of things an the power supply noise is one of those that can easily affect sound quality. That probably also explained why power cord sometimes bring more sound quality difference comparing to an XLR cable.


I’m not saying that a good psu is not important for a dac, a streamer or other audio product.

But for a NAS, it’ more an issue of noise injected in mains rather than a perfect and stable current.

With a good psu, my nas performance do not increase … For me, filtering the nas and other non audio products that don’t need a nice current, is a better way to not bother device that are sensitive to noise. Filtering and isolation to be precise :grin:


I’m using Aries Mini with and in my setup it has always work better on LAN than WiFi. But I also felt large improvement when I put additional switch for Aries that doesn’t also do WiFi now (wireless router is connected to that switch). I know that reportedly WiFi can sound superior but I wasn’t able to replicate this is my setup. Also power cords with shielding help as well as star quad cables from Canare (that easily sound more natural than Wireworld to my ear). Quad construction gives instant noise isolation benefits.