Problem with smart IR Aries G1

I am having an issue with the smart IR. I had mapped the power on/off to my Cyrus remote but decided to change to a different remote control due to the way Cyrus works. No problem cleared the button mapping. New remote has separate power on off. Changed the settings in the menu and programmed both buttons all work fine. However if you press the mapped off button it still toggles between on and off states. On button is fine. I have no other buttons mapped.

I checked and it still seems to respond to the old remote press as well as the new one. The devices themselves do not switch on so it’s not because they are same frequency. If it’s not clearing the mapped buttons properly is there a way I can reset and start again without resetting everything?

These are just guesses but could the incorrect functioning button have something to do with how it’s pressed as explained in this section of the manual.

With regards to starting again the only “Reset” I’m aware of is the “Erase All User Settings” under the Additional Operations menu in LDS (can be accessed via the devices lcd as well).

Well I programmed again and that seems to have done the trick so perhaps the long press was the problem. Thanks for your help I can now automate everything with my broadlink