Price way to high

What went wrong with auralic. Prices are absurd these days. When i have to replace my mini i have to shop elsewhere. A pitty.

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What would you buy for less money that out perform the current generation of Auralic products? I just bought an Aries G1. I thought it was money well spent.

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Nothing actually. The previous auralic products where also very good but had a reosanable pricetag. Now they follow the crazy prices of other manufacturers. I now buy a bluesound streamer with a chord qutest dac. Cheaper and not that much worse in comparison to auralic. If auralic would cut there prices 25% i would consider there products again

I am sure that once Auralic learns that if they cut their prices by 25% that you would consider their products again that an immediate price reduction will happen.

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Maybe the Bluesound is on par with the mini you are familiar with. The G1/G2 series are in another league. No comparison. Spend more, get more. Or you can save and stay near the SQ level where you have been.

You have the dCS streamer in the price of the Aries G2. And you have the dCS Bartok as a combo DAC+Streamer as the same price of the Aries G2/ Vega G2.

So Auralic start to be prices like Aurender, dCS, MSB etc …

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I also have a Chord Qutest… I also HAD a Bluesound Node2i… I also HAD a W4S Modified Sonos. The Modded Sonos on CD’s sounded better than the Node. On HiRes which Sonos can’t do Node was a bit better. My G1 sounds better than either. DCS Bartok is $13,500… My Qutest plus G1 is $4500.00 Not sure how the DCS fits in this discussion.

Oh no… not again…
Guys, you don’t have to buy Auralic. Nobody twists your arm.
Auralic cannot keep increasing quality and stay at the same price level.
Grow up. Auralic does.


Bartok is a streamer and a DAC, so it’s the price of a Aries G2 + Vega G2 (4299€ + 6299€ vs 12000€ for the Bartok)

Not at the same price level … Aries Femto was 1800€, G2 is 4299€ … G1 is 2200€. So you have an increase :slight_smile:

For the Vega, the old and the one are at the same price. The G2 is more expensive.

The quality is not an issue, but the pricing start to be very high-end. Not sure that the history of Auralic (Best bang for the buck) continue with a G3 line up.

Again, you have well know brand on the market, and for some price, you a lot of prefer have a Maserati rather than a BMW :slight_smile:

The entry level is 2200€ now (it was 500€ with the mini). Just a supposition, not a fact.

So yes, we can ask some questions about the nex entry level product : 3000€ at least ?

We can buy other brand, of course, but for some who are loyal to Auralic (because the products are good, fit their needs), maybe they will change is the price is to close than the high end competitors. The margin will be bigger, and the quality will not improve anymore (like other brands)

Auralic Vega G2 is DAC and Streamer, list price is $6599. That’s half the price of the DCS. Oh and what’s your point? I don’t go on Porsche forms and whine about how much they cost. You might want to buy a spare Mini so you have an extra


Of course we do not have to buy AURALiC. They grow up, but the prices even more, like the prices from other brands too. But these a G1 or G2 is to not 4 or 6 times better than a mini or the older vega’s. it has everything to do with value for money. Auralic was strong on this now not anymore.

In audio, diminishing returns, not linear, is the norm. Once you get above mid-fi, doubling the price might yield a 10% improvement in sound quality. That would be a good value. As you move up, the relative improvement per dollar decreases.

Is a $250,000 Lambo four times better than a $60,000 Porsche?

You are posting your rant on a forum where for the most part people like Auralic and their products. As pricing goes the Auralic products are not over priced. You are comparing an older product that you have with new current generation product and complaint that the price increase is too much. Did you really expect Auralic to come out with new and better product and keep the price the same or reduce it? That’s not realistic. I bet the last new car you bought cost more than the car it replaced. It’s the same all over with anything new. The price does not go down. Grow up and face reality. If you don’t like the price increase then open the window and shout it out to someone that cares. Not too many people here are taking your side.


And how do you now ? Do you wan to create a poll to check it to confirm your point ? Do you really think that a majority of people are happy with price increase ?

But it’s true that for the new generation of product with quality increase, it’s difficult to keep the same price. The question is, what is the margin of improvement ?
Hifi is one of the only world who people can pay 2 or 10 times the price for a few % (if it exists and not just psychological) :slight_smile: But everyone do what ever it want with their money :slight_smile:

But if people do not buy those product and do not accept to be fooled (i’m not talking about Auralic, it’s in general), maybe it will be better for everyone to keep price reasonnable and not totally out of control. People create this effect and continue to buy … But at some point it start to be complicated, check Apple with the latest iPhone, not a great success … We will see this year :slight_smile: (OK it’s out of topic, just to illustrate)

I’m pretty sure that people doesn’t think the same about a tax increase of the income, even if it’s used for health, education or other stuff. In this case, the increase can not be tolerated :slight_smile:

Again it’s always good for a brand to have an entry level to let consumer change after for the same brand. The Mini does that. Starting too high will reduce sales and induce brand swapping if it’s too expensive.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile: YMMV

It’s not a streamer as versatile as the Aries can be. It’s a bonus feature, no wifi, no embedded server, less cache etc …

But for a lot of people (using roon for eg) it’s totally enough for day to day use.

I never said that people were happy with a price increase. What I said was that you cannot expect a company to come out with a newer better product and price it the same as the old product it replaces.

That’s about the only thing you got right.

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Yes, exactly what i think too.

It is not that i do not like auralic and that i do not understand how it works in marketing but it would be a good idea if auralic offered a product between the old mini and new gear for let say 800-1000 euro.

Not newer, just a few upgrade for a Aries G2 (with less power than a raspberry pi that cost 30$). I think the chassis cost’ more than everything inside. The platform is the same, software too, the basis already exist (software and hardware)

Better than the old Femto ? I’ve both, and not so much better. Not for 2.5 time the price for just minor changes (galvanic isolation for usb exist for a long time in another products but now it’s a marketing argument).

I like Auralic product, i’ve 3 products of the company. Like other company they choose the easy way to increase price for products that do not really justify the price (again like other company).
The mantra change (bang for the buck). It’s sad, that’s it. I really hope that Auralic was a game changer in the industry regarding the economic way to do things. But seems not :yum:

The product still very good, no doubt on that.