Pretty Upset Auralic Announces Price Increase

So I read in the Pressroom that Auralic is having a 10% increase in North America effective Aug 1, 2019.
They announce this on July 31st? Zero notice to their faithful customers? I wanted to buy the LEO GX in the next couple months, but maybe not anymore…Even a month notice would have been nice. Auralic, you’ve let me down…pretty choked given the exchange rate of 1.35 versus the American dollar.

Say thanks to Donald :pensive:

Say thanks to Donald?? Save the swipes at who is and has been the by far best president the USA has ever had PERIOD. And if 10% is making someone boo boo over whether or not to self indulge in the Leo GX I say to them cry me a river. Buy the damn thing now money bags or just be happy with what you have. 10%?? The whole line could increase 20% and be worth every penny. Be thankful it’s only 10% and not 40%. Wake up . I say thanks to Mr Trump daily and multiple times. And thanks to Auralic for building my Vega G2. The thing is amazing and I love it.

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Don’t be a dick. What did you expect in a fluent economy that’s reacting to day to day politics?

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Prob shouldn’t be political but the tariffs have been a long time coming.
They should have been slowly implemented long ago after the housing bubble.
I agree that 10% should not be a swaying factor in buying an $8k statement end game piece. There are sales and buying opportunities that can close that gap.
But putting blame on Auralic is silly.
And I for one am grateful that our economy is good enough for all us cats on this forum to be in a position to purchase the gear Auralic makes.


Amen brother.

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This is the Support category.

Discussion of prices, price increases and USA politics should be taken elsewhere.


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Thanks everyone.

We have being working with U.S customs agent for a long time since the beginning of trade war. They used to accept our explanation that network based audio device can fall into a category that has 0% import duty and no tariff. Unfortunately they have changed their opinion recently and everything apply for 30% tariff. We even got a bill for our previous shipment.


Droxford, Yeah - I am supporting Auralic - are you a Mod?

Regardless of circumstances outside of their control. I would still pay $4400 for my G1 as it’s WELL worth it and crushes any competition in the same price/category.

Same here and if the 10% increase is applied to the overall amount of the products due to tariffs posed by our President…is no reason to throw your hands up in the air towards Auralic…its called Business and if even a number of folks decide not to invest in the companies products…trust there will be the same number and probably even greater number of folks lined up to get a piece of the action. To the upset one posting where droxford doesn’t approve…get over it. Both of you. Auralic flat out rocks and my G2 with one simple internal upgrade will keep me satisfied for years to come. Leo the Lion or not…this baby is Alive n Well.

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Did you try all the products in this category for this statement ? Like a DCS streamer or other stuff ?
Auralic have very good products, but the competition is very hard even with G1 or G2 series.

Not sure where I would find a DCS streamer with DAC built in for around $4-5k but yes, for me this product beat the Aurender and Lumin products that I also heard along with the Auralic’s at Axpona this year. Johnny tried the Alchemy but found the software to be sub par. We both had Cambridge Audio before these and obviously not even close.
How about you?

Now there’s a useful remark.
I too ditched my Cambridge Audio 851n, a very decent digital transport, for the Auralic Arius G2.
Why? Because it’s magnitudes better. That’s why.

Sjb is on it.


It costs nothing to be civil in this world, whether online or in real life.

Perhaps you should reconsider the tone of your posts.



Calgarian wrote that he may not be able to purchase a Leo due to the increase in price/tariff. That is the worst outcome for Auralic, the consumer, and ironically the U.S. government’s coffers.

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Thank you for your explanation Xuanqian. I fully understand your need for the price increase. As a Auralic Community chat page, I would consider all of us “fans” of your products (otherwise we wouldn’t be here). I just wish I had more than a few hours notice about the price increase. A simple press release on this Community board saying “Buy now because the prices are going up in X number of weeks or months” would have been great. This is no different than music artists offering a pre-sale to to their concert “fans” to get better seats. I am in the midst of selling my preamp, SACD player, and a bunch of cables to finance the purchase of the LEO GX. With that said, your products and customer support are first class. I consider it a privilege to communicate directly with the founder of the company on this community site.

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I thought you talk about Aries and not Vega.

And I think that axpona, or other show, are not the best place to compare products … not the same room, amplifier, speakers etc … not sure that the difference you spot was only from the streamer/DAC.

The best way is to compare them at home or at least in the same environnement.

I replace a Aries Femto to an Aries G2 and the Vega (original) to a Totaldac d1-core (in order, ATOLL dac100, Teac UD-501, Oppo HA-1, Auralic VEGA, Totaldac d1-core and maybe a DCS or APL for the next)

Auralic Rocks.

Others too and maybe rocks more for some :slight_smile:

But Auralic still have excellent products, just keep a open mind :slight_smile: