Power regeneration

Hi All
Do any of you have any experience of using something like the PS Audio Stellar power plant 3 on an Aries G2?
Thanks in advance for any feedback

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I use the PS Audio P10 power regenerator on an Aries G1. It’s not exactly apples to apples but maybe red apples to green apples? I have my entire system on the P10. I think that the power products are the only worthwhile product that PS Audio makes.


Go for it. It’s worth it.

Thank you both for your thoughts
Would you know if the power draw is 300w constant , I have read this elsewhere
Would you perhaps say why it’s worth it?

All of the manuals are online.

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I use the P3 Stellar driving my sources:-
Vega G2
Leo GX
Melco N1
Oppo 105D
Soon an Aries G2

Just does its job…cant really say much else.

Cheers jaiello
Just had a look at the manual

No mention of idle power draw

Sorry, then I would not know the number. I just plug everything into mine and enjoy the music.

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Nice setup Guycord
“Doing it’s job” and does it improve the sound? might be considered as two different things if you understand what I’m trying to say.

If you Remove the P3 does the sound deteriorate?

Or putting it another way what improvements have you experienced?


Seems to be 25W : https://forum.psaudio.com/t/stellar-p3-power-plant/12784

Thanks deuch
Paul must use a bright night light


My setup is a PITA to test with positioning of cables and alternate power source. All I can say (for now) is that a saw no revelation of worse sound after installing.

Also remember, I’m not powering any amp - only the AURALiC sources. More to ensure clean ans safe power than anything else.

Hi, Jerry1…

If you are trying to achieve better sound, you might want to consider installing a few High Fidelity Cables MC 0.5 magnetic conditioners. They aren’t power regenerators, however they do seem to make one’s system sound much more real and “ in the room.”

Unless you have a dirty power problem, the MC0.5’s will improve your system’s sound at a lower price point than a full-on regenerator like the PS Audio. Just a thought…

Don’t be lazy and do your own research.
We gave you advise and now you can read 1000K+ reviews online.

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Thanks for your thoughts IS3005
I have a brace of expensive cables that the manufacturers make claims about
I will reflect on your suggestion.
Under what conditions does the Aries G2 draw 50w max and what might be considered a typical power draw when playing music without any internal HDs

When it rains and you ate Broccoli the day before the G2 draws 49,72 Watts.

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I prefer mushrooms

Music sounds so much better than when eating broccoli don’t you think?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Champignons in The Netherlands tend to be a bit tasteless.

Yet another fruit: My system uses the Aries Femto. It sounded a good bit better when I plugged everything into a PS Audio Stellar P3. (Quieter; blacker blacks, brighter brights)

Well I’m taking a delivery of a P3 today for assessment
Sans strange fruit I will give some brief feedback in the near future.
Thank you all for your comments to date