Power conditioners

Hi fellow Auralic G2 owners! Just focusing on my last system potential need, power conditioner, to power my Vega G2 and Leo.

For owners of the G2 line ONLY, please respond with the power conditioner that you are using and whether you compared it with others and what were these other conditioners.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

I do use the PS Audio Powerplant P5. (2 pieces for my entire audio system)
There’s a distinct difference between conditioning and regeneration.
The P5 does the latter and the “upgrade” is very very BIG.
Don’t forget: Place your G2 in stanby when not in use. Do not shut it down with the hind powerswitch.
It will benefit your SQ by keeping the Femto clocks warm and snugly.

Pietro, thank you for your reply! Great and useful advice as usual. Did you compare PS Audio to any others?

Yes. I tried some conditioners like all the AudioQuest ones.
I tried Kemp elektronics and even the Furman professional ones.
PS Audio is the best I ever (did not) hear(d).
One of the pro’s is: It doesn’t kill and or sterilize the music.

I also use a power conditioner from PS Audio. I use the P10. Prior to the P10 I was using a Shunyata Venom. I feel as if the PS Audio is a better conditioner in my system. I get better more musical results. I also combine it with all of the PS Audio power cords. I use the AC12 on the P10 and on my integrated amp and the AC5 on all my source components. I had to send the P10 out recently to have the LCD display repaired and was without it for about a month. You really realize how much it is doing in your system when you have to take it out for a while. Same with the power cables.

Pietro and jaiello,

Thank you very much!! In fact, Pietro’s response helps me also because I was considering the Audioquest Niagara 5000. My other option was indeed the PS Audio P12.

Are you guys also plugging your amps into the conditioner? Most prefer to plug their amps directly to wall and the front end into conditioners as most conditioners choke the power of the amp. Some conditioners/regenerators advertised that they do not choke amp power but some find that they do choke indeed.

PS Audio’s P series are not conditioners but regenerators. I used to run Parasound JC-1’s in high bias mode, subs, and entire front end on two P10’s. The result was phenomenal. Ultra clean power with plenty of amperage to satisfy all. I now have different amps (BHK 300’s) and the balance of my entire system plugged into one P20. Fantastic regenerator. Huge headroom with marked increase in dynamics, spatial awareness, and blacker background. The advantage of clean low impedance power is obvious, especially if you experience poor power at the wall like I do.

My suggestion is go with the most P series you can afford. The more capable the regenerator the lower the impedance.

I plug everything in my system into my P10. I want everything plugged into the same power component.

I use the Eaton 9PX series, absolutely an amazing piece of gear used to power critical components in data centers/hospitals across the world. I had the opportunity to compare it to the PS Audio P20 and I preferred it. The only downside is you have to be willing to tinker and replace the fan, the included fans are very noisy because it is meant to be used in harsh environments. You can read about my experience and others here, I was not alone in my admiration:

Does replacing the fan void the warranty?

I would assume so. I wasn’t concerned about the warranty considering how relatively cheap they are. I actually found a lot of 3 (2 brand new and 1 used) on eBay for $1200 total. No issues whatsoever for me.

The CDW outlet also has good deals on them from time to time on companies who order too many and return them:


Keep checking back, the prices aren’t fixed. When an item goes up on the outlet its price drops weekly.

There is an old saying: ya spends ya money and ya takes your chances. Interesting recommendation.

I would definitely caution anyone from purchasing PS Audio gear, especially their power products. I had a horrible experience with their customer service and product quality after ordering two P20s and a P15 (that’s almost $30k MSRP in product). I have detailed my endeavor thoroughly for those interested:

But it really worked out for the best and is why I am here now. I ended up selling all my PS Audio gear (Direct Stream DAC + BHK Pre) after the poor experience with their regenerators and bought a Vega G2/Leo Gx combo.

I agree on the DAC and other products but respectfully disagree on the power products. I have nothing but great things to say about my P10. I am going to read your post but I can guarantee that my opinion will not be changed.

Sorry for your misfortune with PS Audio gear. Completely different experience here. I’ve had 11 different components of theirs over the last three years and currently have six. Only issue I had was a Bridge II card that was DOA and they overnighted a replacement.

Thank you daeOne for your input as well. With so many positive PS Audio users, I will definitely be doing some in system testing with perhaps the P12 and P15. I don’t have a lot of power needs so both P12 and P15 are overkill but perhaps the extra power adds to SQ.

ars, thank you for sharing your experience and your recommendation. I will be sure to review your thread and experience with PS Audio as well.

I use the furman p2300 power regenerator. I connect all my equipments to it.
I am happy with the result but cannot compare as I did not try any other options. Is ps audio better? Why?

I’m currently using an Audience AR-12T. I originally started years ago with a PS Audio Power Plant / regenerator (can’t recall the model number). I found this unit to be rather noisy with the internal fan…and the sound was rather clinical and stark…I then moved up to the Audio Magic Stealth conditioner…and now finally the Audience. I really like the Audience products. I also have their AU24SX speaker cables as well…

Because it sounds better.

I tested those too.
For me they killed all musicality and indeed the fan made me bonkers.